Last year, my friend Sara was preparing to decorate the kitchen room, When she went to the marketplace to choose material, there are so many type of brands and types, She was totally lost. Later after consulting with her renovation agent, Finally she decided to choose the paint baked coating board furniture for the kitchen room as it is quite easy to clean and maintain.

Well, What is the paint baked coating board(panel)? Paint baked coating board is one kind of woodworking material. The interior core is MDF, particle board, block board, plywood, etc while MDF is most widely used as base. And the surface is polished by six to nine times (different manufactures have different process requirements), then paint coating, drying, polishing, after that baked the panel in high temperature, A shining baked coating board was born.


In this article, we will talk about paint baked coating board manufacturing process and classification.

15 Steps to manufacturing the paint baked coating board:

1. MDF cutting

2. Build various of patterns on the surface of MDF as required

3.Polish and smooth with sandpaper

4. Brush and sealed the bottom


6.Spray Primer

7.Load to the Spray booth


9.Spray colored paint

10.Load to the Spray booth

11. Polishing

12.Final paint coating

13. Load to the Spray booth

14. Water milling

15. Polishing with wax

decor cube shelf

Paint baked coating board(panels) can be broadly divided into three categories: UV paint, piano paint, and metal baking paint (car paint).

(1)Metal baking paint

The core panel is MDF, high-grade automobile paint is sprayed on the panel with the automobile painting process.


(2) Piano Paint

The piano paint is made of airless spray technology, and is made of high-quality environmentally-friendly polyester paint for the board finish.


Compared these two types of painted panels, the stability and wear resistance of the metal baking paint is higher than the piano lacquer. However, all the other features are similar because the process are basically similar except for backing process.

The other advantages and disadvantages are similar because the other processes are basically similar except for the baking process.

The benefits: High gloss, surface smooth, bright color, good fire and moisture resistance.

The drawbacks: Direct sunlight may cause discoloration, not resistant to bumps (strong crash will damage the surface of the paint), difficult to repair.

(3) UV paint (Ultraviolet curing paint)

The UV high gloss board are made with UV coating applied to a panel surface. It is a bright, hard and scratch-resistant panel.


UV Board Advantages:

1. Acid resistance and Alkali resistance
UV coating decorative board has outstanding chemical performance of Acid residence and alkali-residence because of chemical performance of UV coating and compact structure of surface.

2. Easy to clean
UV coating board is very easy to clean, because the UV coating has high solids content, more than 99.5%, and curtain coating is adopted in the UV surface coating, which makes the coating well-proportioned and smooth.

3. Abrasive Resistance
The hardness is more than 3H, the abrasive residence is more than 100, 000. The UV coating film in such situation will not be frayed, and is still bright.

4. Healthiness and Environment Protection
The E2 grade environment-protected board is adopted as basic materials, the UV coating is no solvent-borne, and the solids contents exceeds 99.5%, the whole closed UV coating product line makes sure no waste water, waste residue and exhaust gas in manufacture process. It is a green environment protective product.

5. Rich in color
Clear pattern, vivid design and various colors.

6. Easy in matching
The product can be easy treated and edge-covered. Appropriate for Wall decoration, office furniture, household furniture, kitchen door, partition panel and doors, background wall, etc.


The moisture-proof and high-temperature resistance effects are relatively poor, and the service life is slightly shorter than other paint types