Do you want to turn your apartment or condominium balcony into a unique living space alive with plants and flowers? Want to make your next apartment living spaces a bit more lively and unique? Follow us to learn how to keep our balcony clean and comfortable.

There are lots of outdoor plant can be used for garden landscaping and you can also buy some beautiful and exotic plants to plant in a small patio to add a bit of touch to that area, creating a beautiful garden. These plants can also be used for flower arranging, creating a little room for you to bring out your plants during the summer, or planting them in a garden for decoration.

Here are top 22 trending balcony plant stand ideas to give you some inspiration.

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1. Golden Color Metal High Leg Plant Stand For Indoor / Outdoor Flower Pot Holder

It is one of the best of your hanging ferns. It will protect your pot from wind and rain and the top has been made to look just like that of a tree stand. Planting your flower pots on the high leg plant stand helps them stand firm.


2. 3 Tier Foldable Plant Stand Staircase Flower Shelf

This three-tier foldable plant stand could easily hold several small or medium-size plants and flowers. The stand is designed especially for use without a plant bed, but even without a bed would be useful for indoor growing. You could be using several smaller plants on the first top, grow herbs and some fruit trees right in the bottom of your plant stand. Each plant is also designed to be individually sized.

Besides we all know that bamboo material is working well outdoor and indoor as it is natually water-resistant. This bamboo flower shelf is easy to fold so it will not break in 2 or 3 places. It has a sturdy structure, create a wide space for your balcony flower pot, amazing right?


3. Multi Storey Flower Rack With Hanging Bar Bamboo Indoor / Outdoor Flower Stand

Sturdy, lightweight design for outdoor and indoor gardening. Bamboo floor material, large volume and large capacity. Can be used for outdoor gardens, flower and vegetable beds. Easy to store in small spaces. Takes up few extra rooms inside your house, and can even be installed in a garage or attic. Besides with stable hanging bar on the top, you can add some green vine plants to make your balcony more attractive and comfortable.
Multi-Storey-Flower-Rack With-Hanging-Bar-Bamboo-Indoor-Outdoor-Flower-Stand

4. Trending Oak Shaped Tree Shelf Small Flower Pot Holder

The flower stand made of oak has a tree-shaped structure as a whole. Add some small flower pot on the “trunk” as if it has grown leaves. Tree shaped of branches also incorportate natural elements. You can also hang some of your small objects on it, bring some unique and vivid color to your balcony. And now it is time for your blank wall to say goodbye to boring and tasteless.


5. Multi-functional Balcnoy potting bench Potting Station

If you love gardening, do not miss this potting bench, it really very convenient for your garden work. With a potting bench, you can use less material to make the same sized pot. Beside no need to knee on the ground which will help you escapse from muscles strained.
Many landlords and others place a potting bench in the garden or balcnoy which enables them to enjoy better gardening at night. You can discover more function such as use it as display flower shelf. not a bad idea right?
Multi-functional -Balcnoy- potting -bench -Potting -Station

6. 4 Tier Corner Ladder Plant Shelf Foldable Storage Plant Stand Rack Decorative Ladder Book Magazine Holder

This 4 tier ladder shelf can be a display stand for plants, photos, handicraft, books in the living room. The shelves are made of light-weight, durable, high-quality wood.
With flexibly flip-up tier panels and collapsible frame design, which allow it is easy to folded into a compact and thin size. Perfect for small apartment as it wont take too much space and also very easy to be kept in any narrow place when not in use.
Once you place it in your balcony, this plant display shelf can provide great visual interest, and look really beautiful.
4-Tier-Corner-Ladder-Plant Shelf-Foldable-Storage-Plant-Stand-Rack-Decorative-Ladder-Book-Magazine-Holder

7. Balcony Flower Hanging Stainless Steel Flower Pot Rack Plant Hanger For Balcony Railing

This is a super beautiful plant hanger. It’s small enough to not be a real full sized flower pot rack, but still be a very beautiful product. You can just take it inside like a flower pot hanger if you have a smaller garden. The most important advantage is that it wonot take up any groud space, and it is also very convenient to water the flowers without bending over, and you will not touch the flower pots when you walk around.


8. Bold iron railing flower stand Rack Window Box Suspended Flower Shelf

Bold iron railing flower stand Rack Window Box. Cute design of the fence flower stand in the windows provides you the space for your flowers. Also, with its simple design, it’s a simple and convenient item to organize your flowers. The beautiful frame provides you with the best and most stylish looking garden or any window decoration.
window display flower shelf

9. Multi-purpose Flower Shelf Floor Standing Flower Stand Balcony Plant Stand

 You can placed in your living room to collect all of your small favorit items such as photo frame, books, craft etc., Besides it can also used as a storage flower pot holder and racks, 4 tier design help you easily organize small sized and mid-sized green plants. Besides white color bring your home some mordern taste.
Multi-purpose -Flower -Shelf -Floor-Standing -Flower-Stand

10. 3 Tier Wood Floor Standing Flower Shelf Wooden Indoor / Outdoor Plant Standing Ideas

Fashionable and fresh in design, it is a model product that perfectly combines ZAKKA style and pastoral style. It is cost-effective and suitable for all types of consumer groups. Perfect for coffee shop, flower shop display and decoration.

3 -Tier -Wood Floor- Standing -Flower -Shelf -Wooden-Indoor -Outdoor -Plant -Standing -Ideas

11. 4 Tier Wood Plant Stand Flower Rack Balcony ladder plant Stand

It is very true that an impressive balcony adds really great value to your house. A unique balcony flower stand will incorperate your personal style to improve your home decoration. This 4 tier ladder plant stand donot pick place, no matter place it in your balcnoy or living room or any other corner space, it is a wonderful picture in your home.
4 -Tier -Wood -Plant -Stand -Flower- Rack -Balcony- ladder -plant -Stand

12. DIY Hanging Flower Shelf Design Hanging Planters Balcony Plant Shelf

When you think gardening, it usually means growing plants on a small patio or patio in your back yard. However, you can also try this DIY hanging planter to bring the outdoor garden in, it makea great addition to a home and also grow vertical garden, make full use of your balcony space.

It is made of latest environmental protection board, no paint, very environmentally friendly, sun-proof and moisture-proof, easy to clean.

DIY-Hanging -Flower -Shelf -Design -Hanging -Planters

13. Multi Level ladder Plant Stand Small Space Herb Garden Balcony Plant Stand Staircase Flower Stands

Do you have an old ladder laying in your warehouse? why not bring it back for garden plant stand decoration?

This ladder plant stand provide enough space for potted plants, you can also use it as as a storage stand for gardening tools in the shed, or as a support for your climbing plants.

Multi-Level -ladder-Plant-Stand-Small-Space-Herb-Garden-Plant-Stand-Staircase-Flower-Stands

14. European Style Wrought Iron Flower Basket Wall Mounted Flower Pot Holder Hanging Basket

 European Style Wrought Iron Flower Basket Wall Mounted Flower Pot Holder Hanging Basket. A handmade handmade made of European style wrought iron, this beautiful, well made, antique, handmade flower pot holder has great style and charm, elegant and well designed. Great for wall hanging, beautifully designed and great quality. It can hold two flower baskets in it and they are just stunning designs.
European- Style -Wrought- Iron -Flower -Basket -Wall -Mounted -Flower -Pot -Holder -Hanging -Basket

15. Wine Barrel Garden Planter DIY Flower Shelf

Wandering around Pinterest, It is really surprised to see this waste wine barrels became a practical garden planter

It’s a wine barrel that you add decorations into to make a garden planter. It’s a pretty genius planter if you ask me. Use your imagination because there are so many things that can be created. Guess which one will be next eye-catching product?

Wine -Barrel -Garden -Planter -DIY- Flower -Shelf

16. Creative Wall Hanging Wooden Flowerpot With Hemp Rope Hanging Basket Restaurant Decoration Shop Wall Decoration

We have a wide selection of beautiful flowerpot basket decoration sets available to make your room look very festive. This is a fun and romantic decoration for your Christmas table, decoration outside your home and any garden scene. The simple and elegant hanging basket decor is easy to work with any wall decoration. Perfect for making wedding bride bouquet or decorative party, store and your bedroom.
You can select whatever shape and designs make you happy in the most beautiful way.
Creative -Wall -Hanging -Wooden -Flowerpot -With -Hemp -Rope -Hanging -Basket -Restaurant -Decoration- Shop -Wall -Decoration

17. 4 Tier Flower Pot Ladder Plant Stand Garden Organizer Shelf Corner Flower Stand

Flowers are to a home what honey is to a bee,beautiful flowers need a perfect flower shelf to organize and display its beauty. Is there any way to bring the outdoors in with plants to enhance your living space? why not try this 4 tier ladder plant stand? 4 tier design is easy to fit for your retro or modern decoration. It can help us save a lot space and decorate our room or garden. Great for displaying potted plants, shoes, books, craft, photo frames and more.
4 -Tier -Flower -Pot -Ladder -Plant- Stand -Garden -Organizer- -Shelf -Corner -Flower -Stand

18. Garden Wooden Wall Fence Climb Trllis Support Yard Garden Pull Net Flower Frame Grid Vine Fram Wall Decoration

If you are unlucky to have an old and ugly wall, do not worry, from planting to paneling there are many ways to improve your garden view. Bring this wall mounted hanging wooden fence to hide an ugly wall and decorate your garden, front yard or any other place.

You can add some new and exciting element to your garden planning, plant some exotic green plant and flowers, you will have a stunning vertical garden to give your friends or relative a deep impression. What an amazing garden on the wall!

Garden -Wooden- Wall -Fence -Climb -Trllis -Support -Yard -Garden -Pull -Net -Flower- Frame -Grid -Vine- Fram -Wall -Decoration

19. Small Space Vertical Grid Garden Flower Pot Shelf Vertical Garden DIY Iron Grid Pot Holder

Want to add a little bit of green into your home? Check this iron grid pot holder can help you connect with natural a bit better. By weaving the iron rods so that you have many grid to hang the flower pot.
The Metal grid structure is perfect for climbing plants, and you can use it as a wooden fences, dividers too. Or just hanging some of your favorite flower pot, mounted to your balcony green wall, A secret, secluded place is coming! here you can pull back with a glass of wine, a good book and a pile.
Small- Space -Vertical -Grid -Garden- Flower -Pot -Shelf Vertical-Garden -DIY -Iron -Grid -Pot- Holder

20. Multi layer ladder plant stand Small Space Herb Garden House Plants Corner Shelves

Indoor gardening is a challenge for most of people who lived in the city as the house is short of space. But do not worry, all you need is get some brilliant vertical garden ideas, once you get a multi layer plant stand, it is not a problem any more.
As this style corner shelve is design for small space apartment, they can provide enough space for all kinds of growing herbs and flower pots without taking lots of floor space. Creatve you own adorable indoor garden now.
Multi -layer -ladder- plant -stand -Small -Space- Herb -Garden- House -Plants -Corner -Shelves

21. Vertical Wooden Grid Pot Holder Indoor / Outdoor Big Plant Stand Hanging Orchid Apartment Floor Standing Flower Shelf

Previously we talked a lot about the use of ladder plant shelf in your balcony or garden, this style of plant stand suit for a small sized and mid sized green plants. If you have some kind of big sized flower pot such as sunflower, you can consider this big plant stand.

It might be the best smart design as it really create plenty of vertical space. In the middle part, It offer enough space for sunflower to grow. And thanks to the top wooden grid design, all type of hanging orchid can be easily mounted to the wall. Besides on the bottom you can adjust the size of wooden fence to collect all of small flower pots and planters as you need.

No more in puzzled weather your plants fit for plant stand or not, all different height of plants have their home now. It is time for you to convert your balcony or yard into a plant and herb garden now.

Vertical -Wooden -Grid -Pot- Holder -Indoor-Outdoor-Big -Plant-Stand -Hanging -Orchid Apartment Floor Standing Flower Shelf

22. Balcony Raised Plant Stand Herb Garden Planter Box Raised Garden Planter Stand Tall Plant Stand

Grow some plants and flower in your balcony is always a good idea as you can turn your balcony into a peaceful and natural place to relax after a hard day work. You can read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee or take a nap, so choose a right plant stand to decorate our balcony is very important for us. However most peopel lived in small apartment which come with a small balcony.
Since we can not purchase big size plant stand as there is not much space left, we can consider this raised plant stand to solve the problem. Besides raised garden planter stand come with high legs, you can water the plants without bend over, making gardening is more convenient.
Balcony -Raised Plant -Stand Herb- Garden -Planter -Box -Raised -Garden -Planter -Stand -Tall -Plant -Stand-esshelf