Have you ever found that after moving to a new home for a few years, there are more and more furniture in the house, Most of furniture items are bulky and can take up a lot of floor space, and some are not used so frequently. So our house became messy and disorderly, especially for the small apartment, it is quite difficult living in a small home while you do not have the right furniture.

messy room

How to solve the problem? We can choose some multi-function furniture such as floating desk, corner wall shelf, wall cube organization etc., to improve the space utilization and it will make a huge difference for your house decoration and live ability.

Here are 25 affordable Space-Saving furniture which can help you easily organizer daily accessories, here we go.

folding wall mount shelf

Sometimes we may want to add a writing desk to bedroom, while the room space is too small, after filling the bedroom with bed, wardrobe and bedside tables, there is not much space left. So we have to give up.

The problem cannot be solved until this wall-mounted desk was born. I love it so much! When the floating desk was not in use, Just fold it up, hang it on the wall in a minute. If you are a home worker, now you can open it directly. Small floating desk, big help!

2. 3-Tier Microwave Stand with Storage and Drawer


Every kitchen was occupied by a lot of pots and pans. If all of them were placed on the countertop, these will consume a lot of space and cooking area is limited. With this kitchen storage shelf, Microwave ovens, tableware, frying pans, all things can be divided into different categories. It is also convenient to move around the kitchen. Check more detail here.


Traditional bookshelves usually super large and it is only suitable for study rooms. If your have a small study room, do not miss this multi-layer bookshelf, which can be rotated 360 degrees freely. Besides it can help you store a lot of books at one time. No need to consider it will match your decoration taste or not, you can put it on the balcony, bedroom, study, living room, anywhere!


No matter your kid is boy or girl, their room is easy to be messy because there are too many daily accessories for them such as toy, books, doll etc. And everytime we waste a lot time to help them to sort and organized everything again and again. But you know what, this hello-kitty wall shelf will help you a lot!

It looks like a three-dimensional picture on the wall, I believe that your friends or relatives will not take their off this eye-catching wall shelf. Perfect for girls room decoration. Still have trouble in selecting gift for girls? consider this unique wall shelf, it won’t be a bad choice.


The corner space is often overlooked when decorate ours house. This moon-shaped shelf is especially suitable for children’s rooms. Full of fairy tale colors, beautiful design, it help each of small item to have its own “home”, trust me, your kids will love it!

corner flower racks

If you are also a flower lover, Don’t miss this section shaped flower racks. With 3 tiers design, it can help you organizer many green plant pot without any pressure. It looks like a walking garden in your room. Every moment you can enjoy fresh air!

Imaging all these books, flower pot, clock, cup, photo frame etc., all lay on the desktop, there will be abosolutely no more space left for writing or reading. Why not make storage work easier? Bring it home!

8. Remote Control Holder Stand/ storage box for desk table


TV remote control, air conditioner remote control, lifting hanger remote control, etc., there are more and more electrical appliances in our daily life, and sometimes it takes a long time to look for it when you need it.  Well, This Remote Control Holder Stand is designed to storage all kinds of remote control, keeping remotes, mobile phones, scissors, office supplies and other items organized. Help you get rid of mess. You can put it on any desktop bedroom, end table, or coffee table to organize your office or living room. Check detail here.

wall shelf hanger

This entryway organization rack is great for hanging your everyday needs at your fingertips. You can store your coat, bags, umbrella, hats, dog leash, cat collar, keys and much more. Easily grab what you need and walk out the door.


We absolutely love wine shelf, as they are such a powerful element of decor within a home!

If you don’t have space within your home for wine cabinet, why not consider this bottle wall mounted wine shelf? It comes with a modern design that can hold up bottles and glasses together. This design will save space and have an additional prep area! Isn’t this display lovely? We highly suggest to fix it in the kitchen or living room, and it is also a perfect gift for wine lovers.

11. Stainless steel kitchen shelf


Do you feel as though your kitchen has an awkward layout? If so, let is change it! Choose correct furniture. By doing so, you can improve its functionality and eliminate any inconveniences!⁠ I believe many housewives will love this floating kitchen wall rack.
This wall mounted kitchen shelf material is stainless steel ensures 100% rustproof and scratch-proof durability. Just place your go-to ingredients and hang the cookware on it. Everything is well organized and your kitchen will look neat and clean. Check detail information here.

12. Floating Dresser Table


Wow! This floating dresser table is a wonderful way to make a statement within a home. Isn’t it spectacular? Traditional dresser table all have legs to stand on the ground. Can you imaging a dresser table can be mounted to the wall? For small apartment decoration, this floating dresser will be first choice to consider definitely. It comes with 2 drawers to help you storage all kinds of small accessories and free of your floor space. Great idea, right? View similar design here.


If you feel that you don’t have space within rooms throughout your home and you want to make a great impression to your guest, trust me, why not consider this floating cube storage shelf? It can ultimately utilize a wall-mounted space to free up floor space⁠, besides help you to tide up everything, it is also a fantastic wall art to light your house, agree?


Yes, again we talk about folding desk on the wall. It is small rooms’ savior. Thanks to this multi-functional design, smaller apartments have more choice to decoration their house. It gives you extra work or dining space when folds down. When not in use just fold and mounted to the wall. Amazing design right? View it on Amazon here.

15. Staircase bookshelf

Staircase- bookshelf

Some people always felt that staircase will consume too much space when decorating, they try to make the staircase as narrow as possible. But if the stairs are well designed, it will add some scores for your home decoration. Such as this staircase bookshelf, your home become a library at once.

The designer borrow some staircase area for bookshelf, make your staircase unique and special. Do you like it? Check similar here.


This bookcase leave enough space for kids to play, and it does not occupy kids activity space. A comfortable reading area is created next to the bookshelf. Young parents no need to push your kids to read, the exquisite cover is easy to attract your kids.

17. Kitchen Cup storage shelf Coffee Cup Holder


We know the largest storage space for kitchen is on the wall, so we add a multifunctional wall shelf to amplify more space for storage. All of your cups are very easy to hang up, easy to dry, keep bacterial away, besides it will bring a healthy lifestyle to you and save you from hard and tired housework. Once you need to drink water you can pick it up freely. On the top there is a wide space for you to display some potted flowers, books, photo frame etc. Such small decoration will shine your house, what a modern kitchen room it is!

With this love shaped display rack, No more headache about a messy wires. Simple design, all the small objects, such as remote control, DVD storage box, WiFi router all are easy to store and everything in order. A clean and tidy room recover in a second.

19. Bed Storage bookrack

Bed-Storage -bookrack

Yes, you are right, It is a hidden book cabinet. The bedside locker not only increase the storage space of the bedroom, but also facilitate our living in the room.

The excellent design can also add some highlights to the room. The storage function is powerful and can meet multiple storage requirements. The simple design not only fills in the gaps between the wall gaps, but also transforms into a bookshelf at once.

Reading become easy for us, besides the hidden drawer design is dustproof, avoid of waist too much time for cleanning.

20. Space Saving Furniture


This design is screaming! When not in use, it becomes a movable display bottle. Once you have guests visit your house, they can transform into a four-piece tea table in seconds. Simple and elegant, Perfect match for a small apartment.

21. Movable refrigerator slot shelf


5-layer design, with 4 wheels, easy to move around. Make full use of refrigerator gap space to amplify kitchen storage.

Now do not worry about kitchen mess up problem, you can storage many small accessories such as seasoning cans, vegetables, bottles, drinks etc., in this refrigerator slot shelf. Check detail here.

22. Shoe cabinet with 2 compartments


What do you guys think of this shoe cabinet? We used it for change shoes as we have small entryway space. I love this design not only because it is a comfortable stool to sit, but also the revolving door enlarges the storage function of the shoe cabinet, all of my shoes are well organized. View similar style here.

23. Wall-Mounted Changing Table


This wall mounted changing table is undoubtedly new mom’s savior. It can be folded on the wall at any time and keeps floor space open. When the baby needs to change the diaper, just open it without bending over. It is a good helper for novice mothers.

Come with a three-layer board design, so you can see those frequently used daily accessory at a glance. This is also a must-have item in the novice mother’s pregnancy preparation list.

If you are still hesitating what kind of gift to a new mother, who can find a more suitable gift than this one? Trust me, she will love it!

24. Foldable Dirty Clothes Wall-Mounted Basket


It is very convenient to hang it on the wall or on the side of the washing machine. Beside the design is also easy to fold. When not in use, just hung it on the wall. It will not consume any space in your home. From now on dirty clothes has its own”home”.  Anyone want to have a try? Check detail information here.

25. A bed on the wall


I really want to give a thumb up to the designer who creates this wall mounted bed. Once we fold it up, it becomes a table in seconds, and the small room suddenly has more space for activities. When going to bed at night, a comfortable bed is ready for us, crazy? Check similar style here.