Anti Virus Copper Film

What is Anti-Virus Copper Film?

It is a new product which was designed to prevent spread of coronaviruses Covid-19.

Although the Covid-19 Virus is relatively easy to destroy, we can use simple disinfectants like ethanol, hydrogen peroxide to kill the virus.

However, it’s practically impossible to sanitize the surfaces all the time and it doesn’t guarantee that the surface won’t get contaminated again.

This new virus protection film is ideal for protecting your hands from viruses, germs, and other bacteria that may have been left behind from the previous other people.

Why choose Copper Material?

Copper has been used for a long time to remove bacterial and viruses. In recently years, as a raw material harmless to the human body, antibacterial and it is widely used in many industrial fields.

According to scientist research, human virus proliferates at least for 5 days on the materials such as plastic, ceramic tile, glass, fabrics, metal, and stainless steel, it can live for up to 24 hours on cardboard, but it is deactivated in the copper surface within 30 min.

Virus lives time on different material

How does it work?

When the virus was transferred by touching, sneezing or vomiting, it lands on the copper surface.

Here are 4 steps shows how a virus or bacteria is dismantled on copper film:

  1. Bacteria and virus lies on a surface of copper film
  2. Ion of copper attacks a surface of bacteria and virus
  3. Copper ion penetrates into a surface of cell and protein
  4. And metabolic actions stop and DNA/ RNA is dismantled.

Test and Experiments:

copper film to kill corona virus
Anti-virus film test

SGS Test Reports:


Copper Anti-Virus film benefits:

Lets see what Korea friends say:

Frequently asked questions

-> No. There is any other residual adhesive on the surface of the film and inside the film. Compared to the competitors, the production method is totally different. In the near time we can provide the difference.

-> As I mentioned the Q1, there is no glue adhesion on the surface of the film.

The traditional production method of the copper film: Preparation of the no copper film ->Coating copper powder(the powder is mixed with binder)->remove binder->Copper coated film.

Production method of our copper film: Preparation of the Nano-size copper powder+PE(Polyethylene) material ->Melting copper Nano powder+PE material -> Blowing the mixture->Production of the film ->

Finally, the Nano copper powder will be distributed inside the film, and on the surface of the film with uniform distribution.

-> Yes. No problem. The cleaning by windex or something like that, it does not affect the efficiency level of anti-virus.

For reference, the existing or conventional copper coated film is weak such as windex, etc.

-> Beside the acid or strong chemical product, it is safe from any other cases.

-> The ingredients of our copper film are Polyethylene + Nano copper powder

-> It is nearly same with the PE film. If the film is under the light the film reflects the light but it is very small.

The film does not make it easier or harder to see at night time.

-> The film was tested by Korean private antibiosis test company.

Test report It shows that the antibacterial ability of the film is more than 99.9%.

(Coliform bacillus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus)

-> For smartphone, the material of film must be changed from PE to TPU.

The durability of PE is poor compared to that of TPU.

Now we are developing TPU copper contained film so we can provide this product in the near future.

-> Korean developed technology.

Frankly speaking, some competitors drying to copy our product because the air-blowing film manufacturing process is already well known in the industry. However, it is very difficult to high quality film, it means that, if competitors trying to make it, the distribution of copper is irregular.

We have only the technology control the Nano-size copper powder and mixing with the PE material.

Obviously, only our product is the only high quality and high transparency product in the world.

-> It depends on the customer’s requirement and application.

For reference, US and EU prefer the high transparency, in this case we add XX~XXwt% /m2.

East south Asia, they prefer the copper colored film, in this case we add YY~YYwt% /m2

-> We are preparing the intellectual property for our product.

-> Some distributors are trying to sell now.

-> For the halo effect, we can adjust the contents of the copper.

Some people think that the color is dark, the better performance.

However high-transparency film works just as well.

If you want a halo effect, you can increase the copper content to dark. However, the price increases.

Yes, it is. You can wipe off the film with wet tissue or smooth cloth.

Yes, Please note the film was used for touch screens of smart phones, kiosks, POS terminals, etc.

There is no distinction between front and back. You can use both sides. Both sides have same anti- microbial effect.

When the copper film is crumped or torn, we recommend changing it with new one to maintain anti-microbial effect to its optimal level.

It is widely used in many public places, bed rails, chair arms, call buttons, over-bed tables, IV poles, taps and door handles.

It has numerous applications virtually for all surfaces like fabric (mask, gloves, doctor coats, curtains, bed sheet), metal (lifts, doors handle, nobs, railings, public transport), wood (furniture, floors and partition panels), concrete (hospitals, clinics and isolation wards), plastics (switches, kitchen and home appliances) and potentially could save many lives.

Size: 393.7 x 15.7(inch) or 10M x 40cm.

Accept custom make size, there will be some additional charge.

Yes, our antimicrobial copper film have SGS certification.

If there are any dirt or dust on the surface of the anti-virus copper film, please wipe off with a clean dry cloth.

The film may be torn or scracthes if there is sharp objects touch the surface, so please try to avoid it.

Please replace with a new piece of film on the surface if the previous anti-virus copper film have scratch on its surface or crampled.

Please do not do it, it might spoil if close to fire.

How to use?

  1. Measure and track out the approriate size;
  2. Cut out the correct size you need;
  3. Spray the surface with disfectant;
  4. Take a cloth and and wipe the buttons thoroughly;
  5. Paste the pre-cut film on the surface carefully.

Anti-Virus Copper Film Applications: