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We believe that great design is for everyone, At Esshelf we design for how people live today.

We are a specialized supplier of home improvement products such as floating wall shelf, bookshelf, cube shelf, flower rack etc. All designed give you the perfect solution to compliment your home regardless of space or budget.

Our mission is to make the best quality product at the most affordable price. We have an extensive range of wall shelf with unique design and show consistent quality provided by our team.

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At ES shelf, we work hard to provide economic wall shelf to our customers.

We have advanced equipment and expertise to ensure standard size production.

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Many of us like to decorate our terrace or balcony with lovely green plants and flowers. Well, do you want to bring your outdoor garden in? Plants and flowers can be perfect decorations inside of your house as they can enhance our mood and brighten our day. But how to create a beautiful indoor garden? What you need is to choose the right indoor plant stand, as these flower stands are a [...]

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Garden is the perfect place for us to relaxing, chatting, drinking with family members or friends after work and school. So how to decorate a beautiful garden is very important for us. You may plant your garden with all kinds of flowers, ponds with running water, some swing and outdoor furniture to improve the beauty of your garden. But too many people decorate their garden to the same style. Want to [...]




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