I love to use hexagon shelf to decorate my house, it is great look on the way and organize everything easily. It make my room pretty cool and also adding fresh air, every item has its own house now.

Today we will guard you how to mount the hexagon shelf to the wall easily.

Here are 8 Steps as below:


Step 1 In order to ensure accurate installation, first measure the distance between two points of the grid with a ruler, that is, the distance up and down the two hanging holes.

Step 2 Position with a spirit level and mark the wall with a pencil.

Step 3 According to the size measured in the first step, find the correct point on the wall and mark the punching position.

Step 4 Use a percussion drill to punch holes in the marked place, pay attention to the use of No.6 drill bit.

Step 5 Hammer the plastic expansion pipe into the punched hole.

Step 6 Fix the screw onto the expansion pipe with a screwdriver.

Step 7 Stop fixing the screw where the screw head is about 5mm to head so as to hang the product.

Step 8 After hanging the grid, gently pull the grid toward the narrow end of the hanging hole to fix the grid and complete the installation.


Look at the video below to learn how to mount the hexagon shelf