Do you like to go for a walk in the forest with your family members? Take a ride with your children, breathe the fresh air, hang up the swing, fix the tent, and put food on the mat, enjoy a lazy day.  I do! Besides, I would like to bring this natural forest odor back to my house, each room decorate with natural wood furniture as if I was still in the wild forest.


But have you thought of how to process a tree after chopper? Guess how many ways to cut logs? well, two or three? some you might not know, today we will take a look at this. Actually there are 4 methods base on manufacturing method: plain slicing(flat cut), rotary cut, quarter slicing, lengthwise slicing.

Different slicing methods are used to slicing the logs will have different visual effects, let us break down one by one as below:

1.Plain slicing, flat cut

Also known as flat cut, flat slice(flat slicing), plain-sliced veneer, crown cut.

Plain slicing veneer refers to the sliced knife along the center of the log parallel lines, to cut out the wood piece.


2.Rotary Cut

It is the most economical method of cutting.

In rotary cutting, the log is mounted centrally in the lathe and turned against a blade, as if unwinding a roll of paper.


3. Quarter Slicing

Quarter Slicing – Cut the logs in the vertical direction of annual ring, to produce veneers with straight lines.


4.Lengthwise Slicing

Lengthwise slicing, is similar to the quarter slicing method, the difference is cutting direction different. From the bottom of the log to cut the veneer. The texture pattern of the lengthwise slicing is varied.