Home is more than a sheltering roof and embracing walls. It is the place to keep your soul and body to have a rest. But sometimes after a long tired working day, when you arrived home, there are mountains of stuff everywhere in our house, are you overwhelmed and feel boring? Well, It is definitely unexpected, right? But it happens. How to change this? More and more people choose floating wall shelf to help them organize everything, keep everything in order, and the house is tidy and clean again.

With one set of floating wall shelf, It can separate the space reasonably, and the hidden space on the wall is maximize used without taking any floor space, It is really one of our most effective helper. However, Not all types of shelves are suitable for your home. So today, let’s chat about before install floating wall shelf, 6-Point checklist you should read.

Before and After Clutter house with wall shelf

(1) Check The Tools

Before installing the wall shelf, you must prepare the installation tools, including wrenches, pliers and electric drills. Although some of these tools are not used so often, make sure when you are ready to install these tools are at your hand.

household hardware tool kit

(2)Check with Wall Shelf Dimension and Size

Before purchasing ask yourself some questions, What’s your own preferences and what kind of style you prefer?and check your wall space, make sure you leave enough space to fix, and then choose the appropriate size of wall shelf.

If the space is small, you can choose a smaller shelf rack. If you have some special needs, you can also choose to customize. The customization will be more precise and more comfortable.

The shape can also be freely chosen. Here at Esshelf we have hundreds of styles to choose, Pick the one you like.

Beside before you go to the market to buy wall shelf, do not forget to measure the size, according to your furniture and equipment to decide where to install and mark it one the wall with a pencil. And find out what regular sizes are in the market.

3 level wall shelve

(3) Check the Wall Shelf Mounting Height

When it came to deciding what is the mounting height you wanted for the wall shelf. Here the key principles you have to consider is convenient and practical. You must consider the entire layout and daily use habits. The wall shelf height is very important because it affects your life, It is not for decoration only, but is also convenient of your life. Mounting the height which you can pick up some items easily without hurting your head. If too high you can not reach it, and if too low there will be security risks.

wall mounted storage shelving

(4) Check the Wall is Solid Wall or Hollow Wall

Make sure check the wall before drilling a hole. If it is a solid wall go ahead, but if it is the hollow wall, stop at once as once you install the shelf, its might easily fall off and hurt someone, if you finally decided to install the wall shelf in a hollow wall, you must fill it in advance.

(5) Check the Wall Shelf & Make Sure It is Space Saving

Now many people living in small space house due to housing is more and more expensive, so once you have one set wall shelf to install, make sure to maximize usage of the space. Especially for kitchen and bathroom are relatively small in our house, Do not affect the other household equipment.

wooden cube shelf

(6) Check the Wall Shelf Classification

There are many types of wall racks, and different wall racks are installed in different rooms and locations, Do not forget to classify your wall shelves, make them can “do their jobs” in order to keep your house neat and orderly and extra storage.

Once you have checked all of these, lets go to marketplace and shop now. And in the next page we will talk how to install the wall shelf easily.