Which kind of furniture is your first choice? If the budget is sufficient, many people will choose solid wood furniture, but if the budget is limited, you may choose MDF, plywood furniture. If there is a material as strong as solid wood and the price is cheap, will you consider it? This is bamboo furniture. It is warm in winter and cool in summer besides the material is very environmentally friendly.

Today we will compare bamboo furniture as solid wood furniture, what are the advantages of bamboo furniture?


1.Bamboo resource is rich and are natural and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo can become useful in 3-4 years, a 60-foot tree needs 60 years to recover, and a bamboo only needs 59 days.

Replacing wood with bamboo is an effective measure to protect forest resources.


2.Bamboo is environmental and clean

Natural resin glue is adopted when bamboo is spliced and shaped, thus avoiding the harm of formaldehyde to human bodies; moreover, Carbonized bamboo furniture has the effect of environmental protection and cleaning, can effectively remove harmful components to human bodies in the air.

3.Health and mothproof

During the production and processing of bamboo, high-temperature cooking and carbonization have destroyed parasitic eggs in bamboo. Besides, sugar, fat, starch, protein and other nutrients are removed, leaving no environment for eggs to grow. Therefore, it has a strong ability to prevent moth and mildew.


4.New Process technology

Modern bamboo furniture is made by using a new technology. It is hard in material, high in density and high in abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. It has better physical properties than solid wood, such as good water resistance, hardness, small coefficient of expansion and drying shrinkage when exposed to water, and less possibility of deformation and cracking.

5 Heat absorption performance characteristics

high-quality bamboo have natural bamboo patterns, and are well-proportioned and beautiful in color and luster, with a simple and elegant temperament.

In addition, due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, it has high moisture absorption and heat absorption performance. In hot summer, sitting on it can cool and absorb sweat, while in winter, you can feel warm.

Bamboo also has sound insulation capability.


6.Save resources

The development of modern bamboo furniture not only solves the economic income problem of local bamboo farmers, but also solves the shortage of solid wood and makes great contribution to the protection of forest resources.