Nowadays, when people buy wooden furniture, many of us only care about furniture style and appearance pretty or not, but we do not know how to check the quality good or not. Here we have consulted some bosses who have been working in this field for over 20 years, and summarized some small tips, if you can remember and use them properly, they have 98% probability of choosing good quality furniture.

1.Check the furniture materials


1.1 The wooden furniture surface material usually use hardwood material, such as eucalyptus, ash, etc. These woods are mostly strong and can bear the weight, while other materials can be considered for the internal materials;

1.2 Usually the thickness of the large wardrobe legs is required 2.5 cm, if it is too thick will looks awkward, and if it is too thin, the leg will be easy to bend and deform;

1.3 For kitchen, bathroom cabinet, we do not suggest to use fiberboard, better  use plywood or other solid wood material, because the fiberboard has strong water absorption ability, it will expand and damage when it meets water;

1.4 The dining table material should be washable;

1.5  If you can find the wood panel got insect eyes and foaming, It means that the wood is not dried thoroughly. Do not buy this style of furniture because the insect eyes will become bigger and bigger;

1.6 After checking the surface, you should also open the cabinet door and drawer door to check if there is any decay in the material. You can use your nails to lick it, and you can easily break in , do not buy, it means the internals are decaying.

1.7 After opening the door of the furniture cabinet, smell it with your nose. If there is a phenomenon of nose, glare, and tearing, it means that the formaldehyde content in the glue is too high, which will endanger human health.

2. Check the edge and sealing for the furniture


2.1 Check the edging and sealing of the furniture are flat or not, if the edge is not flat, it means that the furniture is wet, and if may fall off when you use long time.

2.2 The edge is rounded shaped better than straight and right angled;

2.3 For the furniture is wrapped plywood, if there are nails are used for sealing the edge, Check carefully if each nail eye is flat, and weather the nail eye is consistent with surrounding color. Usually nails are sealed with putty, check the putty is bulging or not. If it is bulged, the putty will fall out from the inside in future.

2.4 Furniture that is wrapped with plywood, if nails are used at the bag, pay attention to whether each nail eye is flat, and whether the nail eye is consistent with the surrounding color. Usually nails are sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty is bulging. If it is bulged, the putty will fall out from the inside.

3  Is the structure firm?

dining chair

When selecting small pieces of furniture such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc., you can drag it on the concrete floor and gently drop it. If the sound is crisp, the quality of the furniture is good. If the sound is a little dumb, there is a murmur. It means that the blinking is not tightly combined and the structure is not strong.

For desks, tables and other furniture, you can shake it by hand to see if it is stable. Usually for the sofa, sitting, swaying, inactive, not soft, no sound, indicating that the structure of the blink is relatively firm.

4  Check furniture hardness

indoor sofa

When selecting sofas and soft beds, the surface should be flat and moderate hardness, and there should be no unevenness.

You can sit down and then rub it with your hand to see if the spring make noise or not. If the spring is not fixed properly, you can heard the sound easily.

5  Check the paint of the furniture


5.1 The paint of the furniture should be smooth, flat, not sloppy, wrinkle-free, and flawless.

5.2 The corner portion cannot be a right-angled right angle because the straight edge is prone to slag and paint.

5.3 The inside of the cabinet door should also be painted, otherwise the board will be easy to bend.

6 Check the furniture dryness


The wood is easy to warp and deform if water content is too high. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of the furniture must not exceed 12%.

When consumers buy furniture in the market, normally they do not bring their own test equipment. Therefore, you can touch the bottom of the furniture or the place where there is no paint inside, If you feel some moisture, then the water of the wood The rate is at least 50%, and DO NOT buy it.

Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted wood. If the absorption rate is slow or not absorbed at all, the moisture content of the wood is high.

If the wood panel is found to have deformation, edge expansion and intermediate unevenness, it means that the water absorption rate of the wood is too high.

7  Whether the four feet are flat

indoor table

A easy way is to shake the furniture on the flat ground. Some furniture has only three legs to land, and the stability is much poor than 4 legs furniture.

Besides look at the desktop, A good quality table surface is straight, no bow back no collapse, if the table is raised, the glass plate will be rotated to turn; if the table is recessed, the glass plate will be crushed by a pressure.

In addition, pay attention to the furniture cabinet door, the slit of the drawer should not be too large, we must pay attention to the horizontal and straight, the door can’t be sag.

8 Check the quality of the mirror

dresser with mirror

When choosing furniture with mirrors, such as clothes mirrors, dressing tables, and dressing mirrors, take care of them and see if the mirrors are deformed or not.

Check if there is liner paper and backboard in the mercury at the back of the mirror. If there is no backboard, it will be unqualified, and if no paper will not work too, because it will grind the mercury.

9 Do not ignore the hardware accessories


Make sure the installation of furniture hardware accessories is complete, regular and reasonable. For example, check that the door lock switch is working well or not;

Everyone can use these 9 small tips when selecting furniture, Once you master these tips you can accurately identify 98% defective wooden furniture, I hope this post can help you to select ideal furniture.