Home is a place that you can show your personal style and relax. Home is a place that we spend most of time with your beloved family members. Are you looking for some unique home decor ideas to refresh your space? It is sometimes hard to decide which decorating is the best way to show our taste if you do not have any ideas about where to go, you might get stuck and can’t move on.

Well, in this article we will share with you how to beautify your home and make your place different from others, what you need to do is to stay with us, choose some unique home decor accessories to make your home a new look. Hope our home decor ideas can offer you plenty of inspiration.

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1. Add a Colorful Bench for Your Garden or Porch Area

You can place this colorful bench in your front garden or porch area to relaxing. Due to the hollow butterfly curved design and bright color impact, this bench definitely will attract envy eyesight from your neighbors. One more advantage is the bench lightweight and you can move it easily. Actually, why not add some soft cushion, it becomes a perfect bed to kill the time, whether reading a book, drink coffee, take a nap, whatever you like.

colorful butterfly mental bench-min

2. Show Off  Your Special Mermaid Wine Bottle Rack Collection

Exquisite wine racks can help enhance your taste, whether as decorations or storage racks, this is a bonus item for your home decoration. Even if you buy it for friends who love to drink, it will bring them unexpected surprises.

3. Add 3D Wallpaper to Dress Up Your Wall

How long have you not gone hiking in the forest? 2 months, 6 months, or one year? Take this wallpaper home! The vivid three-dimensional picture and the huge color impact, which make your home full of a forest atmosphere. If you live in a small apartment, it is your lucky savor.

Repainting takes a lot of time, what’s more, the paint is not 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

This series including many different exquisite outdoor three-dimensional landscapes, whatever your taste it is, you can finally find one style suitable for you.

3D pictures easily borrow endless space from the wall, it’s like the room is enchanted, and it becomes bigger immediately.

3D- wallpaper -to -dress -up -your -wall-min

4. Display Newton Ball Ornaments

If you pick up one iron ball on one side, the ball on the other side will be knocked apart at once, is it interesting? The newton ball is exquisite and fun. Bet your kids might chase to play it.

newton-ball -ornaments-min

5. Self-adhesive 3D Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper might be the fastest way to give your room a new look. There is a layer of self-adhesive on the back of the wallpaper, which is sticky when you tear it apart. Besides, it is waterproof and moisture-proof, and easy to take care of.

More and more people choose it for shops, office decoration, even use it to protect their valuable furniture.

It comes with a variety of wallpaper with different 3D vivid effects, there is always one design suitable for special application scenarios. It can not only cover up the defective part of the wall but also beautify the room.

6. Hang a Vintage Bottle Opener

Don’t think this is just a decoration on the wall, it is actually a bottle opener.

The mottled paint surface and compact design are especially suitable for restaurants and bars or used as shooting props, which can give your room a strong retro atmosphere.


7. Pave your Courtyard with Footprint Stepping Stones

The cute big feet can’t restrain the urge to step on it. This is undoubtedly the favorite place for children to play. Want to make your courtyard unique? Start from the foot  here.

8. Retro Industrial Style Wall Bicycle

Fix a clock on the wall is very common to us. Well, Have you considered breaking the rules? This retro bicycle and the clock work perfectly together, which is definitely a good idea to create a unique home. The clock is ticking away as if the wheels on the wall are moving forward, what a cool picture.

Retro- industrial -style- wall -bicycle-min

9.Mount Your Green Plants

Guess you have not tried this wall decor idea: mount green plants to the wall! Wheater you prefer colorful flowers or green plants, you can make your wall alive with planters in different shapes and sizes.

wall -mounted -semi-barrel -flower -pot-min

10. Use Rain Boots as Flower Bucket

Is it a creative idea to use boots as flower pots to grow your favorite flowers? The boots have delicate patterns on the surface and drainage holes at the bottom. Even if it is filled with artificial flowers for decoration, your place will be unique and cool.

Rain -boots -Flower -bucket-min

11. Bring in Natural Dry Branch StickPartition Wall

Decorate with natural dry branches to make your home closer to nature. The length and quantity can be adjusted as you like. A vertical branch wall can divide your space into several different functional areas without looking awkward.

Do not forget to hang up your favorite decoration in these fork branches, adding some small items can bring a lot of fun, and make your room vivid.

natural -Dry -branch -Partition -wall-min

12.Fish Pond Water Fountain Balcony Mini Landscape

Keep this water fountain in your order list if you are lucky to have a fish pond. The steady stream of spring water symbolizes billowing wealth. The gurgling water can also release the pressure of work. And basically, it doesn’t take time to take care of it, one set can be used for many years.
fish -pond- water- fountai

13. Mediterranean Style Steering Wheel

If you are also a fan of Mediterranean style, then don’t miss this classic Mediterranean steering wheel. Especially for little boys, many of them have a dream of pirates. If you mount it in their room, they will be very proud.

14. Hand-painted Colorful extra-large Flower Pot

You can get small and mid-sized flower pots easily from the market. If you have some large plants to grow, then the only option is to go for large flower pots. How about this style? The colorful appearance is unique and attractive for garden decor. Another advantage is that it has a super big belly, which can hold a lot of nutrients necessary for your tall plants.

15. Mini wood fence Indoor Small Ornaments

Do you have a miniature fairy garden in your home? Small wooden fences are the secret weapon to an enchanting fairy garden. You can also use it to DIY wall hanging craft, it is a popular home decor accessories, try it now.

Mini -wood -fence- Indoor -small- ornaments-min

16. Natural Style Artificial Wheat Ears

A home is incomplete without flowers. However, the fresh flowers only last few days. It’s time to consider some artificial flowers to decorate your home. The golden wheat ears are always charming, especially when they are used for dining room decor.

Natural Style Artificial Wheat Ears

17. DIY Stick Owl Nest

Cute owls, beautiful houses, bird nests, made of natural stems, hay, and other materials, full of a forest atmosphere. They are the perfect combination of nature and a pair of skillful hands. Putting them together, like a big family, is perfect for decorating children’s rooms.

diy-owl -nest-min

18. Theme Park Fruit Sculpture Table and Stool

Add one set of such fruit tables and chairs in your garden will surely attract a lot of jealous eyes. Moreover, these adorable shapes are not as delicate as ordinary indoor furniture, they can withstand outdoor terrible weather.

Fruit -shape -table -and -seat-min

19. Add Removable Wooden Cubby House Flower Basket

A wooden cubby flower basket is a perfect functional addition to wall decor. It brings in rustic air to any of your rooms. Mounted it on the wall, add some small butterflies and birds, invited spring to your home.

wooden -cubby -house -flower -basket-min

20. DIY Paper Tube to Brighten Up the Wall

DIY some creative decorations to make our life more exciting. You only need to collect some used cartons, source some tutorials on PINTEREST. And next use your imagination to create some unexpected artwork.

DIY -Paper -Tube-wall-decor-min

21. Invite a Light Tree to Your Home

If you want to be creative, you must break the rules. Plant a tree in your home will infuse your space with a high classic feeling. The embellishment of the bird’s nest makes your tree appear more real.


22. Volcanic Stone Candlestick Wind Light

The biggest feature of this ornament is to add a sense of natural harmony to your home and make your home full of a warm atmosphere. The warm candlelight helps to drives away the chill of the night, and it is a good embellishment in any room.

Volcanic Stone Candlestick Wind Light

23. Hang Some Rustic Garland

Let your home say goodbye to monotony, garland is good decoration. Elegant pastoral style, with some childish little embellishments, immediately make your room younger. Especially for kids’ rooms, you can also add some cute fairy decor accessories, to create a fairy tale home. Do you want to have a try?

rustic -garland-min

24. A Particular Outdoor Welcome Sign

Do you know a special welcome sign can leave a deep first impression on your guests? Before entering your house, they can feel the host’s enthusiasm.

outdoor -welcome- sign-min

25. European Town Christmas Decorations

There are no rules when it comes to decorating for Christmas day. Have you tried to add some mini gnomes and elk to create a miniature fairy town? Actually, they can add charms and bring lots of fun to your home.

European -town -Christmas -decorations-min

26. Add Some Special 3D Art to Your Wall

One more idea to quickly finish home renovation here, yes, still choose wallpaper. Look at this one, Two giraffes stretched their necks from the wall, chasing a glass of orange juice. Isn’t it interesting?

3d giraffe wall art

27. Retro Windproof Iron Candle Holder Courtyard Decoration

Add an old-world candle holder is not a bad idea for courtyard decoration. It always seems to inspire certain themes like party, farming and so forth. Create a romantic party for a loved one, it can be a nice addition.


28. Put Up a Moon Shaped Planter

Plants do not have to sit in the garden. Sometimes invite your garden plants indoor, mounted them to the wall will add nature to your room and refresh the wall.
Especially for those vines, when they grow longer and longer, create more fresh air for you to enjoy at home.

moon- shaped-planter-min

29. Creative Branch Wooden Wall Clock

This wall clock is made of environmentally friendly solid wood and has a unique shape. The hour and minute hands are two irregularly shaped branches. Surrounded by a circle of short and thick branches. It is a perfect artwork to hang on the wall, which enhances your style and personality.

Creative -branch -wall -clock-min

30. Wicker Hanging Basket

A hanging flower basket works especially well in your living area. The rattan material is strong and not easy to rot. Besides compare with wooden shelf, it is waterproof and breathable. If you have run out of floor space for plants, hanging a flower basket to display your favorite plants, which makes your area clean and clutter-free.

Wicker -hanging -plant-basket-min

31. Succulent Plant Pot Model Car Planter

Any interest to create a miniature garden in your home? Simple build around your garden with small decoration accessories such as this mini succulent plant pot. It is exquisite and fun, kids will love it.

Succulent -plant -pot- model -car -planter-min

32. Solid Wood Natural Edge Table and Stool

Do you like a simple and rustic home? I like! Especially for this kind of table and chairs with natural scars. You can even see the most primitive annual rings, the outline and stripes of the trees. Close your eyes to imagingh, you can feel its beauty through the screen.

Solid -wood -Natural -Edge -table- and -stool-min

33. DIY Hairy Lion Wall Art

This is really a wall art full of childlike fun and beaming. Indeed, the cute lion offers the perfect opportunity to create fun for kids’ playroom. You can DIY this project at home, let the imagination do the rest.

DIY-Hairy -lion -wall -art-min

34. Wooden Jellyfish Lamp

Build lasting memories with this jellyfish light. The soft light is emitted from the body of the jellyfish, let this jellyfish accompany you through a wonderful night.

Wooden -Jellyfish -lamp-min

35. Display Large Size Flower Pot

The designer of this flowerpot should be very clever because he can add interest and fun to our garden. Beautiful flowers are carved on the surface of the flowerpot, and a turtle climbs up quietly. Guess, what on earth will he do?

large -size -flower -pot-min

36. Decorate with RecycleTires

Do you have some used tires? This one is the easiest to DIY. All you need to do is choose your favorite color and paint it.

And there is enough space in the middle for you to arrange.

recycle- tires-flowerpots-min

37. Faucet Type Night Light Voice Control LED Light

Add one set of such fruit tables and chairs in your garden will surely attract a lot of jealous eyes. Moreover, these adorable shapes are not as delicate as ordinary indoor furniture, they can withstand outdoor terrible weather.

Faucet -Type -Night -Light -Voice -Control -LED-light-min

38.Hanging Wall Mounted Wicker Flower Basket Wall Decoration

If your house beams are not suitable for hanging, but you especially like to plant vine plants such as Chlorophytum. Then go for this wall hanging flower basket, you won’t make mistake. They can also help you create a vertical green wall and enhance your own personal wall decor.

Wicker -vine-flower-basket-wall-mou

39. Magnetic levitation Ornaments Floating  Rotation Planters

Wow, it looks so special. I bet it will brighten up your home. It is a perfect gift for all ages of people, and very suitable for office and home decoration. The distance between you and the magician is just a flower pot. Do not miss it!

Magnetic -levitation -ornaments -Floating -Rotation -Planters-min

40. Creative Elk Horn Wall Clock

More and more clocks, simple clock functions can no longer meet our needs. unique and beautiful clocks are more popular, such as this elkhorn decorated clock. Hang it on the wall, it will immediately enhance the style and improve your home decor taste.

Creative- Elk -Horn -Wall -Clock-min

41. Astronaut Design Fruit Storage Bowl Plate

Have fun designing your home is interesting. Invite these two astronauts home, they help you store the fruit and serve your guest. Make sure to place this cute fruit plate where everyone will admire it.

Astronaut- Design -Fruit -Storage -Bowl -Plate-min

42. Ferris Wheel Rotating Ornaments

If you choose a luxurious decoration style, this home ornament is the most suitable. The golden Ferris wheel gleams, making your house more magnificent.

Ferris -wheel -rotating -ornaments-min

43. Indoor Tabletop Fish Tank Fountain

A gentle, soothing sound of water can relieve stress. The small and exquisite design will not consume too much space, no matter which room it is placed, it can bring a feeling of Zen.

Indoor -Tabletop- fish -tank -fountain-min

44. 3D Deer Head Sculpture Wall Decor

Deer is a lucky animal. Inviting this deer head to enrich the wall, which symbolizes you can make more and more money.
Every detail is polished very exquisitely, this is a unique wall art, showing your style.

45. Kids 3D Height Sticker

This height sticker is full of childishness, with a turtle fishing on top. Do the kids want to reach the hook quickly?

Each scale has a different animal representation. Want to reach it? Eat more and grow taller.

kids -3D -Height -sticker-min

46.Fishing Net Hanging Display

If you happen to have a beach theme home party, such as starfish, wheels are necessary decor elements you will not miss, do not forget to add one more fishing net as it will bring better effect to enhance the beach theme.

fishing -net -hanging -display-min

47.Cute Home Display Craft Simulation Frog Crafts

Although it is a bit vulgar, is it a novel gift for your friend, just a joke?

Cute- Home -Display -Craft -Simulation- Frog -Crafts

48. Grandparents Rocking Chair Decoration

Love is all around. Company is the longest confession of love. Being together is the warmest commitment. When you are old, we can sit together, drink some tea ,accompany with each other to become older and older.

Grandparents -Rocking- Chair -home-Decoration-min

49. Creative Dog Craft Home Storage Basket

This basket is designed as a supermarket shopping cart. The most interesting thing is that a cute dog is pushing the shopping car as a servant. Inside the basket, you can put all the little things together, and make your desktop clutter-free.

Creative- dog -statues-home -storage -basket-min

50.Removable Dog and Scooter Style Indoor Planter

Some plants are more delicate, you must take care of them carefully. If the sunshine is too strong, move them to a shaded place, and move to a warm place if the outside temperature is too low. In this way, they have to change place frequently. Although it is troublesome, if you do not do this, the plants are likely to die. Fortunately, these cute puppy plant pots is perfect for this type of plant. You can easily move around as there are wheels on the bottom.

Removable-dog-and -scooter-style-Indoor-Planter-min

51. Falling Cat Home Display ornaments

Cat lovers may be surprised to see this scene. Well, don’t worry. There are hook links between cat mummy and babies, it is not so easy to fall off. This small home decor craft is like making a joke to the monotonous life. It is also suitable to use as a birthday gift for your friends. Surprise?

Falling -Cat -Home -Display -ornaments-min

52. Smart Dog Figurine Holding Plate

Another super cool dog ornament to refresh your room. There are multiple colors to choose from in this series. The dog is holding a tray in his mouth with a bottle of wine, snacks etc. Whether you are sad or happy, he will accompany you every moment.

53. Decorative Paintings Round Deer Wall Art

Exquisite workmanship, vigorous figure, plus some golden shining, this wall hanging is like a lamp, illuminating the entire room, make the entire space is full of modern fashion feeling.

54. 6 Inch Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation With LED light

No more waste time looking for geography book anymore, if you want to teach your kids some geography knowledge,  this global magnetic levitation is enough. The cool shape and high-tech design are pretty cool, you will never go wrong to display it in your living room or kids’room.

6- Inch -Floating -Globe -Magnetic -Levitation -With -LED- light-min

55. Wall mount 3D Spideman Figurine

If you still have no idea how to decorate the boy’s room, this hero theme will never go out of style. Superhero Spiderman is the boy’s favorite. Hang it on the wall, your boy will love it! Decorate some elements he likes to accompany him through his beautiful childhood.

56.Green Willow Door Window Curtain

Do you have any problem when choosing the room curtains? If you choose opaque curtains, it means that the scenery outside the window is completely blocked; If it is a transparent curtain, it will not protect your privacy. Why not consider this half-transparent type? It can solve these problems well. And this design full of weeping willow branches seems to bring spring home and make your room youthful and lively all at once.

Green- Willow -Door -Window -Curtain-min

57. European style Old-Fashioned Candle Holder Party Decor Candlestick

How can this classic table lamp be missing to create an antique room? Elegant retro-style, comfortable lights warms each of us in the dark night. It has a wide range of applications, such as wedding celebrations, family parties and birthday parties too.

58. Buddha Statue Decoration

Many people would like to have a serene contemplative Buddha statue in their living area as they believe that  Buddha statues can bring home Zen and peace. Whether you believe it or not, Buddha statues become more and more popular as it is not only one piece of home display art, but also illuminating our hearts and soul.

Buddha Statue Decoration

No matter what decor style you prefer, I hope you can find some decor elements to decorate your home. Stay with us we will share more related information in next post.