The benefits of having wooden furniture it is natural eco-friendly, besides it helps us to keep everything in order and well organized. But furniture is not always clean and tidy. You need take some times to clean stains once your furniture(wooden shelf, kitchen table, coffee table etc) got dirty, Do not delay! The longer you wait, the harder they are going to be to clean. The more you take care of your wooden furniture, the longer its service life is.


Now many people choose chemical detergents to clean the furniture due to it is effective and its cleaning speed fast, but some chemical detergents will bring irreversible damage to your furniture especially when you do not know exactly what it really is. Here we would like to share with you some tips on how to care and clean your furniture, absolute eco-friendly and safe! We suggest the following:


1. Wet Tea Leaves

Wiping the wet tea leaves with gauze, or scrubbing with cold tea water to clean the furniture, after cleaning the wooden furniture will be more bright.

 2. Milk

It is waste money when throwing away expired milk, you can wet rag in the milk and then wipe the dirt table and other wooden furniture first time, later rinse with clean water, this is one of the most effective way of removing dirty.

3. Toothpaste

Use a rag to wipe the toothpaste or toothpaste powder, the furniture surface paint color will be as bright as new again. But remember do not wipe with force, in case rub off the paint and destroy the furniture surface.

4. White Vinegar

White vinegar is quite common but very multi-function things in our daily life, It can kill the germs easily, but also can help us to clean the furniture, especially for deep ink dirty.

Mix the white vinegar and warm water by one to one ratio, pick a soft cloth to wet, and then rub the surface of the furniture, the hard dirty will disappear soon.

5. Soap

Every once in a while, the wooden furniture should be cleaned. Saturated a soft rag or sponge with a cleaning mixture made of a mild liquid soap and water. Rinse wooden furniture with clean water and dry. after that use furniture oil wax to polish and make it more smooth.