Nowadays, solid wood flooring is becoming more and more popular in the decoration of new houses. So how to choose the floor? Many people will choose base on brand. but is the brand really reliable? Or is the advertisement loud?

The top brand price is quite expensive, if you come across have tight budget it is really a big problem. In fact, we can change another way, Why do we have to choose from brands? Anyway, no matter how well-known it is, it should suit for our situation.


Here we have following 5 skills to help you quickly choose the floor without worrying any more.

1 Determine the color and price

Let’s start with a simple one.

Do you prefer dark color or light color? I tell you secretly, the light-colored floor makes the room bigger! !

However, dark colors are more resistant to dirt.

Once you have decided which color you will take, the next step is to choose wood species. Wood floors of the same color will be made of different materials and the corresponding prices will vary greatly.

High-grade ones include rosewood, mahogany, incense, etc. The mid-range ones include Tiesu and Er-samara beans. The economical ones are garlic and eggplant.  The stable ones are jatoba and Tiesu wood. These floors are wear-resistant, moisture-proof and dry, with small deformation coefficient and moth-proofing.

We can narrow the selection range according to our own budget and favorite colors and textures.


2 Choose the size specification

At present, the solid wood floor on the market has a rather long and wide specification. To be honest with you, the smaller of the floor size you choose, the ability to resist deformation is stronger.

3.Selection Quality

When selecting, in addition to paying attention to price, color and texture, remember to stick to the appearance of solid wood carefully, and whether there are any defects such as mixed use, cracking, mildew, insect eyes, etc. There are also formaldehyde inspection marks, whether they have passed the relevant national indicators.

4 Check the paint surface

Check the topcoat on the topmost surface.

High-quality solid wood flooring generally has natural color tone and clear wood grain. Also observe whether the paint film on the board surface is uniform, smooth and full.

5 Check the floor processing precision

How do I check this? You can take out about 10 pieces of solid wood flooring and simulate paving it once on the flat ground. After laying, touch the surface with your hand to see if it is smooth and if there is any obvious height difference, and see if the installation gap and anti-deformation groove are tightly sewn together.