Painting solid wood furniture can not only ensure that some properties and characteristics of solid wood materials are effectively preserved, but also improve their ornamental value on texture, and at the same time avoid sawdust on furniture scratching consumers’ hands, thus protecting consumers’ health.


In general, painting solid wood furniture has the following 5 benefits:

No 1  To protect wood.

The wood used for processing solid wood furniture is hard and difficult to process, If the wood is directly exposed to the outside, it will be easily scratched by sharp objects, or it will wear out and lose its texture during long-term use. While after painting the furniture can be protected safely.

No 2  Control the moisture content of furniture and prevent wood deformation.

Moisture content has a great influence on the stability of wood. Sealing the wood surface with paint can not only prevent external moisture from penetrating into the wood rapidly, but also prevent internal moisture from evaporating excessively, thus ensuring that the wood is not easy to deform.

No 3  After painting the furniture hand feel is thinner and smoother, and it is easier to clean and maintain.

No matter how finely polished it is, it is impossible to seal the pipes of wood, and these pipes often become places where dirt is hidden and hard to clean.  After painting, the catheter was filled up and it is quite easy to clean up with a light wipe of cloth.

No 4  Make the furniture more fresh and shiny as it is used.

If the logs are directly exposed to the air, they will not only be easily corroded, but also change color under the action of oxidation, sometimes even beyond recognition.  After painting, the wood will never come into direct contact with the air and will always keep its fresh wood color.

No 5  It is more beautiful.

Even if it is from the same wood, there will be color difference. Furniture can find even color under the meticulous care of paint workers, It’s like putting makeup on furniture.


However, many people think that painting will cover up the original color of solid wood furniture. In fact, there is no need to worry too much. The furniture painting process is better than what you think. So far we have transparent paint and semitransparent paint. This process can not only protect furniture well, but also preserve the original wood grain and color of wood to the greatest extent.