As the old saying goes: eyes are windows to the soul. Do you know the garden is undoubtedly the window to the home? Everyone wants to own a beautiful garden, which can leave an eye-catching impression for their guests or people passing by. Or when you are tired from work, relax completely in your private garden.
However, flowers bloom time is always short and limited, is there any better way to create a beautiful garden that never fades forever? Yes, it is time to consider adding some metal garden decor and accessories.

I love metal garden decor for many reasons. Firstly, It has a very durable structure, and it provides beneficial help for climbing plants; secondly, once you fix metal garden decor in your garden or yard, it will last for years, it can be left outside even in terrible weather, and you do not have to spend any time for maintenance; Thirdly, metal garden accessories come with many different shapes, color and size, it is easy to match your taste no matter what your garden decor style it is. They can bring us some unique charm to our garden even on winter snow days.

1. Metal Birdcage Garden Decor Ornaments Vintage Decor Accessories Unique Yard Ornaments

 If you want to make an old-fashioned farmhouse style garden, do not miss this one.
Hollow pattern design and charming retro birdcage shaped design, No matter you fix it in a corner of your garden or hung up on the door, all will bring some warmth and charming odor to your home.
Metal-Birdcage -Garden -Decor -Ornaments -Vintage- Decor -Accessories-min

2. Metal Garden Rooster and Hen Decor Garden Statues Chicken Figurines Animal Sculpture

Do you miss living in the countryside? The chicks were strolling in the courtyard, and the rooster crowed. But raising chickens will bring a lot of trouble in your life. They will eat your favorite flowers and plants and urinate everywhere. Why not consider metal chicken decorations? yeah, a couple of hen and rooster will make your yard unique and colorful, and no need to waste any energy on maintenance.

Metal- Garden -Rooster -and -Hen -Decor -Garden -Statues -Chicken -Figurines- Animal -Sculpture-min

3. Metal Sunflower Garden Decor Sunflower Garden Accessories Decorative Garden Stakes

 I believe that flowers can bring us a good mood. Even when we are not in good mood, flowers can melt negative emotions at once. This metal sunflower comes with a vivid look, it almost can match all garden and yard. The installation is super easy and simple, even your kids can do it. Keep a smiling face in your garden every day, amazing right?
Metal -Sunflower -Garden -Decor -Sunflower -Garden -Accessories -Decorative -Garden- Stakes-min

4. Cute Metal Frog Garden Ornaments Frog Garden Decor Ideas Frog Statues Frog Fairy Garden Accessories

Metal frog decoration will bring good luck and warm your home. I guess your kids will scream at first sight. Every morning when you open the door, you can see the frog stay there and watch you quietly as if the frog prince in a fairy tale came to the world.

Cute- Metal -Frog -Garden -Ornaments -Frog -Garden -Decor- Ideas-min
Evergreen -Garden -Decorative-frog-min

 5. Greek Goddess Fortuna Angel Good Luck Statues Greek Bronze Figurine

 We all like the God of Wealth because she will bring us wealth and good luck. This Greek goddess is a perfect gift for your friends. The goddess angel was holding a croissant bag with countless gold coins spilled inside. The meaning of wealth is rolling into your home.
Greek- Goddess -Fortuna- Angel -Good- Luck -Statues -Greek -Bronze- Figurine-min

6.Garden Fish Pond Accessories Metal Crocodile Garden Ornaments Crocodile Garden Decor

The crocodile has always been a symbol of evil. Have you ever thought about putting this simulated metal crocodile in the grass of the yard? Imaging if a thief comes to your yard one day and a crocodile runs out all of a sudden, will the bad guy be scared away immediately?

Garde- Fish -Pond -Accessories -Metal -Crocodile -Garden -Ornaments -Crocodile -Garden -Decor-min

7. Garden Statues Metal Crane Statues Crane Sculptures Garden Yard Outdoor Garden Decorations Garden Stakes

 No garden is complete without a bird and flowers. These metal crane statues is simple to make and adds charm to your outdoor garden decoration.
If you happen to have a small pond, then choose these garden cranes for your pond decoration, it won’t go wrong. The cranes are comfortably catching fish by the pond, what a beautiful landscape it is!
Garden -Statues -Metal -Crane -Statues -Crane -Sculptures -Garden -Yard -Outdoor --Garden -Decorations-min
outdoor-Metal -Crane-statues-min

8.  Metal Garden Windmill Yard Windmill Ornaments Weather Vane Ornamental Windmill for Yard

How can an interesting garden lack windmill? Decorate your garden or yard with cool windmills will never go out of style. You can choose the right height according to your needs. The windmill can tell us wind speed and direction all the time.
Metal- Garden -Windmill-Yard -Windmill -Ornaments -Weather- Vane -Ornamental -Windmill -for -Yard-min
Metal- Garden -Windmill-windmill-garden-decor-min

9. Rustic Metal Mailbox Vintage postal Box With Key Garden Mailbox Outdoor Metal Garden Art

The small metal mailbox makes a vintage garden, especially with its inviting entrance and magical charm.
You can keep the metal mailbox at the entrance of the yard to help you store important letters. You can also choose some old-fashioned styles mailbox, hang them on fences or walls as garden decorations, add some other colors to the green plants to make your garden look more lively.
Rustic- Metal -Mailbox -Vintage - postal -Box -With -Key-min

10. Bird House Garden Decor Ideas Bird House Garden Ornaments Rustic Farmhouse Garden Bird House

No garden is complete without a birdhouse. Kids like to watch under the trees those with bird nests. It’s time to consider decorating your garden with bird nests. They are quite small and attractive. The little bird is singing on the roof.
You can hang it between the branches, even in bad weather it won’t spoil and can last for years.
Bird -House -Garden -Decor -Ideas -Bird -House- Garden -Ornaments -Rustic -Farmhouse -Garden -Bird -House-min (1)

11. Metal Garden Divider Garden Fence Yard Lawn Movable Garden Fence Rustproof Iron Animal Barrier

You can never have enough garden ideas. This creative example will easily motivate and inspire you.
Some people like to create different garden themes in a limited garden space, then this iron Divider can effectively divide space. You can also plant some climbing plants under the divider, so that the green vines will cover the whole wall and relieve your eyesight fatigue.
Metal -Garden -Divider- Garden Fence -Yard -Lawn -Movable -Garden- Fence -Rustproof- Iron -Animal -Barrier-min

12. Miss Rabbit Metal Cage Garden Decor Yard Terrace Bunny Garden Accessories Fit for Planter

 If you have run out of garden decor ideas you may want to consider using a small metal cage in the yard. Miss Rabbit is holding a love heart in her hand, isn’t it fun? Under Miss Rabbit’s skirt, you can put your favorite green plants and flower pot, it looks like Miss Rabbit was born from the flowers.
Miss- Rabbit -Metal -Cage -Garden -Decor -Yard -Terrace -Bunny -Garden -Accessories-min

13. Flame bird Garden Decor Accessories Garden Flamingo Decor Bird Planter Garden Yard Art

If you have a small fish pond or pool, don’t miss this long-legged flame bird ornament. On the back of the Flaming Bird, space is reserved for flower pots. With wonderful flowers growing on the Flaming Bird, So amazing!

Flame- bird -Garden -Decor -Accessories -Garden -Flamingo- Decor -Bird -Planter -Garden -Yard -Art-min

14. Green Train Garden Ornaments Train Planter Train Model Home Decor Accessories

 Another garden decor ideas for creative fun is this green train.
Bring this green train home, and leave the rest for kids to use their imagination.
The green train shuttles among the flowers and plants. Maybe your kids will invite their favorite dolls, toys, or their new cartoon friends with them to start the journey. I believe buying the metal train is a smart choice. Let the little train accompany them through a beautiful and impressive childhood.
Green -Train -Garden -Ornaments -Train -Planter -Train- Model -Home -Decor -Accessories-min

15. Retro Metal Birdcage Vintage Hanging Birdcage Rustic Metal Birdcage Garden Ornaments Ideas

The retro pattern and hollow design make this birdcage especially attractive. I prefer to place a blooming flowerpot in the birdcage and hang it under the eaves or branches .let the flowers fragrant drift in the wind.

Retro- Metal -Birdcage -Vintage- -Hanging -Birdcage- Rustic -Metal -Birdcage-min

16. Wrought Iron Flower Fairy Garden Decor Garden Decoration Ornament Plant Vine Climbing Holder Mini Garden Accessories

Mini gardens are always charming and eye-catching, especially when they are designed with fairies accessories, it is a perfect fit for flower planter.

Invite these flower fairy to your garden, they will bring good luck and watch over the garden, keep the bad guys away from your home.

17. Welcome Boy Garden Accessories Welcome Sign Garden Ornament Welcome Sign Garden Stake

 Another cool idea to decorate your garden or yard is this welcome boy. He is swinging leisurely at the entrance, when you glance at him it seems like that he is there to say”Hi” to welcome you. What a thoughtful design it is.  It is filled with wonder and inspiration.

18. Metal Peacock Garden Decoration Peacock Garden Statue Garden Yard Sculptures Lawn Statues

If you want to create a luxurious garden, then the peacock is undoubtedly a good decoration choice. The peacock is the king of birds. Fix a pair of exquisite peacocks in the garden, that is absolutely domineering and unique. There is a windmill on the side of the peacock, which can predict the wind direction all the time.

Metal -Peacock -Garden -Decoration -Peacock -Garden- Statue -Garden -Yard -Lawn -Statues-min
metal peacock garden statues-min
peacock-garden-statues- peacock-garden-decor-min

19. Guitar Garden Decor Lute Garden Elements Guitar Garden Art Creative Guitar Statue

Using a guitar as a garden decoration is definitely an unexpected idea. Creative musical instrument design, with exquisite gardening, will enhance the style of your garden. The elegant design shows your taste and personality, it is a perfect gift for those who love music and gardening.
Guitar -Garden -Decor- Lute -Garden -Elements- -Guitar -Garden -Art- Creative -Guitar- Statue-min

20. Umbrellar Plant Shelf With Baskets Umbrella Shape Flower Stand with Solar LED Light

This is one of my favorite plant stands. It looks like an open umbrella. Comes with 4 small flower pots. If you keep it indoors, it won’t take up too much floor space, and if fix it in your garden or yard, it is easy to match your garden decor style.
The most prominent is that this umbrella plant stand is equipped with solar LED light strips, which are charged by the sun during the day, and flashes at night, it looks as if the stars in the sky blink.
Some shop owners buy it as a window display or entrance area, the pass by customers even not move once they glance at it at first sight.

21. Metal Beetle Garden Ornaments Ladybug Garden Decoration Outdoor Wall Art

Although everyone doesn’t like bugs. But if there are no insects in the garden, it will be incomplete and unreal. These metal beetles are realistic in shape, but they won’t break your green plants and flowers. Bright colors can better decorate your garden. You can also add them to the list.

Metal -Beetle -Garden -Ornaments -Ladybug -Garden -Decoration -Outdoor -Wall -Art-min

22. Umbrella Planter wall Decor Umbrella flower basket Umbrella Hanging Planter  Umbrella Wall Planter

Who doesn’t love a hanging garden? Add some vintage style umbrella accessories and you have a wonderful display.
This unique flower stand is also easy to take care of. It can be hung on the fence or under the eaves, all can add fun to the monotonous garden.
Umbreallar -Planter- wall -Decor -umbrellar- flower- basket -Umbrella -Hanging -Planter -Umbrella -Wall -Planter-min

23. Garden Buddha decorations Zen Garden Meditating Buddha Statuary Zen Buddha

Some people like to create a Zen garden as they believe that a zen garden can bring them peace within their life. So buddha is a very popular garden decoration for them, as it will help them to bring in a soothing atmosphere through work, and the work itself can become therapeutic.

Garden -Buddha -decorations -Zen -Garden -Meditating -Buddha- Statuary -Zen -Buddha-min

24. A happy Frog Drinking Coffee On the Rocking Chair Cute Miniature Frog Garden Statue Frog Garden Ornaments

 This is a great garden element when you want an easy DIY garden, the little frog sitting on the rocking chair, drink coffee to kill the time. It looks as if he is telling you, slow down, stop hurry pace, take a good rest to accumulate more energy for the next challenge.

25. Little boy and girl Statues Bronze Statues Boy Figurine Metal Sculpture

When it comes to outdoor garden decor, you can’t go wrong with a couple of young boy and girl statues. Children are the hope for the future. Energetic kids’ statues and beautiful flowers can bring endless positive energy to your garden.

Little -boy- and -girl -Statues -Bronze -Statues -Boy -Figurine -Metal- Sculpture-min

26. French pastoral wrought iron leaf decoration Iron Metal Wall Art Decoration Metal Flower Wall Decor Art

 You can create your own evergreen garden with these metal green leaves. Even in cold winter, these leaves and flowers will not wither. Either for indoor wall ornaments display or use it for outdoor garden fence decor, they are charming and fashion.
French- pastoral -wrought- iron -leaf- decoration -Iron -Metal -Wall -Art -Decoration -Meta-l Flower -Wall -Decor- Art-min

27. Metal Pentagram Garden Accessories Tall 5-Star Metal  Candlestick Star christmas lights

 Want to create a romantic candlelight dinner? Use this pentagram candle holder to decorate your courtyard. In the hollow five-pointed star candlestick, the flickering candlelight flashes, which add a romantic charm to the night.
Metal -star -Garden -Accessories -Tall -5-Star- Metal -Candlestick -Star- christmas -lights-min

28. Vintage Farmhouse Little Rabbit Family Garden Accessories Yard Decor Elements Metal Figurine Rabbit Shape Statue

 If you want to create an American country yard garden, there is nothing more interesting than the rabbit family. There is a bunch of flowers hidden behind Mr. Rabbit, he wants to give a big surprise to Miss Rabbit. Do you have any surprises for your family?
Vintage-Farmhouse- -Little -Rabbit -Family -Garden -Accessories -Yard -Decor -Elements -Metal -Figurine -Rabbit -Shape -Statue-min

29. Arch Wall Decor Art Vintage Window Frame Wall Decor Garden Yard Arch Decor

Are you tired of seeing the monotonous wall everyday? Would you like to add a faux window to change everything? Check this faux window, it comes with arch design and exquisite flower embellishment, which makes your wall alive at once.

30. Arch Design Faux Window with Flower Basket Wrought Iron Arch Wall Art Arch Window Frame Decor

Another metal faux window for you consider is this arch style. The top advantage is that this one comes with 3 flower baskets, you can hang your lovely green plants, or decorate with some fake flowers. Whatever you do, it will let your wall stand out from the mediocrity.
Arch -Design -Faux -Window -with -Flower -Basket- Wrought -Iron -Arch -Wall -Art -Arch -Window -Frame- Decor-min

31. European Retro Metal Flower Wall Decoration Art Wrought Iron Flower and Leaves Decor

 Want a flower that never fades? Take this flower decor away. Find a suitable wall to fix and it will bring spring in.
European- Retro -Metal -Flower -Wall -Decoration- Art -Wrought -Iron -Flower -and -Leaves -Decor-min

 32. Vintage Birdcage Garden Decoration Birdcage For Flower Pot Yard Decorations

The small birdcage can also be used to create a mysterious garden. Adding green plants and some small garden accessories, you can DIY a perfect miniature garden landscape.

33. Metal Hanging Planter Basket Hanging Planter Plant Basket Yard Porch Decor

 We are nostalgic for the days when birds are singing and flowers bloom. In fact, you don’t need to spend time looking for it. There is already a bird singing there on this flower stand. What you need to do is plant your favorite flowers and hang the flower stand under the eaves. Want to have a try now?

34. Vintage Wrought Iron Hanging Planter Basket Flower Pot Hanger Garden Elements

A garden without a flower shelf is incomplete. If you happen to have some vine plants such as radish, then don’t miss this retro flower stand. The stable structure and the space are large enough for you to place a large flower pot. The green strips flutter in the wind, beautiful.
Vintage -Wrought -Iron -Hanging- Planter -Basket -Flower -Pot -Hanger -Garden -Elements-min

35. Garden bell Garden Decor Wind Bells Rustic Outdoor Wind Chime

If beautiful flowers bring us visual enjoyment, then the beautiful wind bells bring us aural enjoyment. Imaging the breeze is blowing, while the bell is floating, like a girl whispering and singing around.

Garden- bell -Garden -Decor -Wind -Bells -Rustic -Outdoor -Wind -Chime-min

36. Metal Garden Bench With Climbing frame Wedding Garden Climbing Plants Decor Garden Wedding Decorations

 If you want to drink a cup of coffee or read your favorite book to kill the time in the garden, a comfortable chair is essential. The tall backrest provides good support for the vines. It is a smart choice even for birthday party decoration.

37. Vintage Wrought Iron Well Garden Decor Planter Outdoor Well Planter

This is a wonderful combination. Below the blue wrought-iron well is a pot of lush green plants. This is also a rare gift-giving choice. Water symbolizes money, and the continuous flow of water is like rolling money. Choose this well garden decor to bring you wealth and peace.

Vintage -Wrought- Iron -Well -Garden -Decor -Planter -Outdoor -Well -Planter-min

38. Vintage Garden Ornaments Garden Metal Rake Planter Garden Shovel Vertical Garden Accessories

Build lasting memories with this metal rake for your garden decor.
This unique design is awe-inspiring. To combine flower pot with the garden tool iron rake is definitely impressive.
Vintage -Garden Ornaments -Garden- Metal -Rake -Planter -Vertical- Garden -Accessories-min
Vintage -Garden -Ornaments -shovel -planter-min

39. Garden TerracePatio Decoration Retro Wrought Iron Flower Bucket Ferris Wheel Plant Stand Ferris Wheel Planter Creative Garden Decoration

Do you want to create a three-dimensional Ferris wheel garden? All the small flower pots can take a trip to the Ferris wheel. Unique and exquisite design, this flower stand will undoubtedly bring lots of jealousy from your neighbor.

40. Solar Wind Spinner With LED Lighting Large Wind Spinner Garden Yard Outdoor Windmill Silent windmill

This tall windmill will undoubtedly make your home a local landmark building. Comes with solar LED lights, especially at night, the colorful lights are shining, very spectacular. Another advantage is that this windmill is silent and does not make any noise.

Solar- Wind -Spinner -With -LED- Lighting -Large -Wind -Spinner- Garden -Yard- Outdoor -Windmill-min

41. Garden Metal Heart Stake Wrought Iron Stake For Climbing Plants Evergreen Garden Decor

 Heart-shaped flower stands are usually used to decorate weddings or celebrations. If you prefer this style, you can also use this heart shape stake to build a new home for your vines. It won’t add too much gardening work to you, just insert it into the flower pot. All you need to do is wait for a few days, and the vines will soon cover the whole frame.
Garden -Metal -Heart -Stake -Wrought- Iron -Stake -For -Climbing- Plants- Evergreen -Garden- Decor-min

42. Black Cat Garden Metal Stakes Metal Animal Stake Yard Sign With Stake Minicraft Garden Decorations

Build your garden and yard by using these black cat metal stakes. This is simple to make and adds charm and fun to your outdoor decor. It is easy to maintain and no need to worry about the hot weather, snow and rain.
Black- Cat -Garden- Metal -Stakes -Metal -Animal- Stake -Yard -Sign --With -Stake -Minicraft -Garden -Decorations-min
 We hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestion for garden decor ideas! We will update more, so keep an eye out for future articles that might be just the idea for your home.