Many of us like to decorate our terrace or balcony with lovely green plants and flowers. Well, do you want to bring your outdoor garden in? Plants and flowers can be perfect decorations inside of your house as they can enhance our mood and brighten our day. But how to create a beautiful indoor garden? What you need is to choose the right indoor plant stand, as these flower stands are a great addition fo your house decoration and show your personality.
These flower shelves are created in a wide range of materials and come in all types of different designs. In this article, we will guard you 30 different styles of the indoor plant stand, and there is always something suit for everyone no matter what your taste is.

1. 2 Tier Tall Indoor Plant Stand Corner Indoor Plant Stand

Although the plant stand has 2 high legs, the frame is very sturdy and not easy to fall. Bamboo material can resist some rain and wind even if put in outdoor. The bottom tier can hold a medium-sized flower pot and the top shelf would be great for small size plants or some small display items. One more advantage is that you can move it around easily as it is lightweight.

2 -Tier -Tall -Indoor- Plant -Stand -Corner -Indoor- Plant -Stand

2. Elegant Vase Shaped Indoor Plant Display Stand Flower and Plants Display Shelf Indoor

The unique vase shape design adds a different color to this indoor flower stand. Thanks to its streamlined and modern design, it is suitable for almost any room and any decorative style. 6 layer pallet can store 7 flower pots at a time. Whether it is placed on the balcony or the living room, it is beautiful scenery at home.

Elegant- Vase -Shaped -Indoor --Plant -Display -Stand- Flower -and- Plants -Display- Shelf -Indoor

3. Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants 6 Tier Wooden Plant Stand Indoor Display Flower Shelf

 If you have too many flower pots to organize, then this display flower stand should be the most suitable one. It let you use free corner space as plant storage and display. With 5 tier design, all at different heights, you can DIY an indoor vertical garden as soon as possible.
Multi-Layer -Flower-Shelf -Rack-Higher-and-Lower-Plant-Holder-esshelf-min

4. White Color Indoor Multi-tier Wooden Plant Stand Indoor Plant Ladder Stand Flower Pot Holder

The white color flower stand with colorful flowers ornamentation brings a romantic atmosphere to the whole room.  The white flower stand design is suitable for all rooms in an orderly way. Color White Flowers stand is always elegant. It is used for every room or office and makes the room look more simple and organized.
Ladder designs create a 3D space for flower stands, making your decoration more three-dimensional and vivid.

5. Solid Wood Living Room Floor Standing Flower Display Rack High Leg Corner Indoor Plant Stand

 This corner indoor plant stand is healthy and environmentally friendly as the material is made of solid wood, without any harmful chemical material. No hardware is used. It can be placed next to the sofa or any other corner space. Either use it as a teacup desk or flower rack, both add a beautiful scenery that can be seen at any time. For minimalists, this style of flower stand is also the perfect embodiment of enhancing personal taste, incredibly comfortable.
Solid -Wood -Living -Room -Floor -Standing -Flower -Display -Rack -High --Leg -Corner -Indoor- Plant -Stand

6. Decorative Vintage Style Indoor Plant Stand Large Freestanding Chalkboard Message Board Foldable Indoor Plant Stand

If you also have a naughty child who scribbles all day long in the house, then this flower stand is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

There is a drawing board on the top layer, allowing your kids to draw as much as he like. The lower comes with two storage baskets, you can store various painting tools. You can also put some flower pots to beautify the environment as you like.

If you don’t want to use it anymore, you can fold it up at any time and place it in a corner space without affecting re-decorate the room.

- Tier-Display -flower-Shelves-with-Chalkboard- Stand-esshelf.-min

7. Multi-level Indoor Plant Pot Stand House Plant Stand Display Shelf

5 Tier plant display shelf is made from metal and wood, strong and durable. The graceful arc shape and the flower stand with distinct levels of ideas are such an inspiring piece you will never regret to buy it.
Multi-level -Indoor -Plant- Pot -Stand- House -Plant -Stand -Display -Shelf

8. Rope weaving hanging flower stand Indoor Hanging Plant Stand DIY Indoor Plant Stand

 This Nordic style hand-woven flower stand has a relatively simple design, suitable for smaller potted plants, and can also be used to place your favorite photo frame. You can also pick a piece of recycled wood in your warehouse, DIY a hanging flower shelf will not take too much time and it can add some fun to the monotonous wall. There are many related tutorials on Pinterest, maybe you can have a try if you have an interest.
Rope -weaving -hanging- flower -stand -Indoor -Hanging -Plant -Stand -DIY -Indoor -Plant -Stand

9. Indoor Solid Wood Foldable Book Rack Tall Magazine Rack Corner Flower Pot Holder Indoor Storage Rack

This tall solid wood shelf is very powerful. Comes with three large iron baskets, you can store children’s toys, subscribed books and magazines, or put a few pots of green plants you like. Put it in the corner of the home against the wall.
You can also add a comfortable recliner next to it, a cup of coffee, and a book to start a beautiful day.
Indoor -Solid -Wood --Foldable -Book -Rack -Tall -Magazine --Rack -Corner -Flower -Pot -Holder- Indoor -Storage- Rack

10. Blue Color Indoor Plant Ladder Stand Decor Shelf Wooden Plant Stand Shelf 4 Tier Indoor Display Shelf

Light blue color furniture is rare, but it is pretty amazing, When we first saw blue furniture, it brings us a peaceful and sweet feeling.
The four-layer design provides more convenience for our item storage. You can place different items on each level, which can be green plants, books, toys, and other daily necessities. It is also easy to take care of. If it is dirty, wipe it gently with a damp cloth.
Blue -Color -Indoor- Plant -Ladder -Stand -Decor- Shelf -Wooden -Plant -Stand -Shelf -4 -Tier- Indoor -Display -Shelf

11. Multi-purpose Iron Indoor Plant Stand Display Shelf With Railing For Hanging Plants And Hanging Baskets

The design of multi-layer boards and multiple railings brings more permutations and combinations and unlimited creativity to your indoor plant stand decoration. It breaks the limitation of single-use of space, doubles the vertical space in the application.
The bottom two layers can be used to store books, toys, daily necessities and so on. And all of the flower pots can be placed on the middle layer. The top railing is used to hang some vines such as radish. You can also plant some vines in the middle layer, the railings above provide them with natural support.
More than 20 processes are reworked, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, rust-proof and wear-resistant, it is really a perfect display and storage shelf for both indoor and outdoor.
Multi-purpose -Iron- Indoor -Plant -Stand -Display- Shelf -With- Railing -For -Hanging -Plants -And Hanging Baskets

12. Vintage Style Wooden Flower Stand 4 Tier Groceries Store Shelf Indoor Plant Pot Holder DIY Plant Stand Indoor

 Do you have some recyclable wooden ladders or similar? Yup, do not throw it away, turn it into a vintage style flower stand. All you need to do is rework, paint and DIY a simple indoor plant pot holder, Economical and environmentally friendly. By doing this, you can also save lots of money.
Vintage -Style -Wooden- -Flower -Stand -4 -Tier- Groceries -Storgae -Shelf -Indoor -Plant -Pot -Holder -DIY -Plant -Stand- Indoor

13. Nordic Style Minimalist Gold Tall Flower Stand Indoor Plant Display Stand For Luxury Living Room Decor

The personalized geometric shapes, stable structure design, and flowing lines make you fall in love with this flower stand instantly. A versatile small flower stand that collects all the flowers and plants, high and low, randomly combined and the whole space immediately becomes three-dimensional and vivid.

Nordic -Style -Minimalist -Gold -Tall -Flower -Stand -Indoor -Plant -Display -Stand -For Luxury- Living -Room -Decor

14. Indoor Hanging Plant Display Planter Set With Weave Basket Indoor Hanging Plant Ideas

 The top is hung on a hook, and three woven flower baskets are hung below as if green plants are falling from the sky. The design is unique and the material is strong and stable, you can display your beloved flower and plants in these 3 hanging baskets, add a cozy and warm atmosphere to your home.
You can decorate it with wind chimes. When the wind blows, the beautiful ringtones rippling in the sea of plants and flowers, what a beautiful picture!
Indoor -Hanging -Plant -Display -Planter -Set -With -Weave -Basket -Indoor -Hanging -Plant -Ideas

15. Multi-layer Wrought Iron High Heel Flower Stand Creative Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

The European pastoral style, decorate with flowers, this high heel flower stands definitely turn your home into a beautiful scenery at once.
The three-layer flower stand is anti-corrosion and lightweight, unique design and durable material, whether placed it on the balcony or in the living room, it will add some score for your home decoration.
Multi-layer Wrought Iron High High Heel Flower Stand Creative Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

16. Creative 4 Tier Wooden Ladder Display Shelf Multi-functional Indoor Storage and Display Shelf

4 shelves are held sturdy by a large X-shaped frame, X-shape display shelf can help you organize and store all of your daily accessories such as toys, flowers, dolls and so on.
You can also use it as a bookshelf for storing and displaying all of your beloved books.
Creative -4 -Tier -Wooden -Ladder -Display -Shelf -Multi-functional -Indoor -Storage -and -Display -Shelf

17. Wicker Flower Pot Display Shelf Indoor Rattan Plant Stand Retro Flower Shelf

 Rattan flower stands are really rare, but rattan flower stands also have many advantages. It has better corrosion resistance than wood, and the air permeability is also very good. The appearance is a bit rough, but you can smell the home feeling. No matter fill in this rattan plant stand with fake flowers or decorate with live green plants, it brings us a natural sense of comfort.
Wicker- Flower Pot Display Shelf Indoor Rattan Plant Stand Retro Flower Shelf

18. Modern Indoor Plant Stand Multilayer Tall Indoor Plant Stand Staircase Display Shelf

Plants make a room look fresher and more relaxing. The green view balances the house fixtures.
This plant stand is suitable for a side table or outdoor space like the porch or front door.
It can fit at least 4 medium-size potted plants. Thanks to its metal frame, it is very stable and also easy to move around.
Modern- Indoor -Plant- Stand -Multilayer -Tall -Indoor -Plant -Stand -Staircase -Display -Shelf

19. Unique Tree Shaped Floating Flower Shelf Indoor Wall Mounted Flower Shelf 3D Tree Plant Display Rack

 It is almost impossible to plant a tree indoor as limited space. Why not consider planting a tree on the wall? The solid wood trunks are hung firmly on the wall and the tree trunks that stretch from left and right, which make the design is unique and eye-catching, If you fix on green flower pots and flowers on the shelf, Your whole room become different immediately.
It looks like a classical and elegant cash cow, but what is falling is the freshness and fragrance smell of the flowers.
Unique -Tree -Shaped -Floating- Flower -Shelf- Indoor -Wall- Mounted -Flower- Shelf -3D- Tree- Plant -Display-Rack

20. Solid Wood Flower Stand For Living Room Decor Solid Wood Plant Stand

This solid wood flower stand is beautiful in shape and does not require any accessories for installation. The natural pattern and fixture of the flower stand add great comfort to the room. Full use of the vertical space, and it does not occupy too much ground space, suit for any of your room such as living room, study room, balcony etc.

Solid- Wood -Flower -Stand -For -Living -Room -Decor -Solid -Wood -Plant -Stand

21. Multi-Tier Bathroom Plant Shelves Small Apartment Display and Organizer Shelf

If the space in your bathroom is narrow, then I believe that you are not alone. As most people only use this room very less. Well if too many items in the bathroom will make it clutter and mess, that is why we need a multi-level shelf to organize and store all of these, turn our messy bathroom into a beautiful and comfortable space. As you like you can also grow plants in the bathroom, every morning you can breathe fresh air and start your day here.

Multi -Tier -Bath -Room -Plant -Shelves- Small -Apartment -Display and -Organize- Shelf

22. Rotating Staircase Display Shelf Wooden House Plant and Flower Pot Holder Shop Window Display Shelf Rural style folding flower stand

Beautiful decoration and embellishments can attract more attention. Do you want your customers to browse and stop? Maybe you need such a flower stand to embellish your life.
The succulents of a single basin are slightly thin. It’s better to try the succulents of the varied shapes. It looks cute and funny. Especially colored succulents can add artistic effects to your gardening.
This flower stand with a rotating staircase design creates a three-dimensional space, with different scenery on each floor, which brings us visual enjoyment.
Rotating- Staircase- Display -Shelf -Wooden -House -Plant -and- Flower -Pot -Holder -Shop -Window- Display- Shelf -Rural -style -folding -flower -stand

23. Indoor Raise Plant Bed High Leg Metal Tall Indoor Plant Stand Industrial Display Stand

 The black Nordic style flower stand is a favorite of minimalists. It is not only suitable for home interior decoration but also suitable for offices, outdoors and on other occasions. The high-leg design effectively avoids the possibility of pets overturning the flower pot. It is also very convenient when watering the flowers without squatting down.
Indoor- Raise -Plant -Bed -High- Leg -Metal Tall -Indoor -Plant -Stand -Industrial -Display -Stand

24. 6 Tier Wooden Display Flower Pot Stand Indoor Foldable Plant Stand Ladder Plant Stand  Holder

It is undoubtedly a wise choice to buy a foldable flower stand. There are four seasons in a year. Not every season has a large number of suitable plants for indoor planting. It is also very convenient to fold it in winter when the flowers fade.
This flower stand has a perfectly symmetrical design and is lightweight. It can display multiple flower stands at a time, It can also help us storage our favorite books and craft, photo frame etc, which brings great convenience to our lives.
6 -Tier -Wooden -Display- Flower -Pot -Stand -Indoor -Foldable -Plant -Stand -Ladder -Plant -Stand -Holder

25. 2 Tier Wooden Plant Stand Indoor Window Display Shelf Plant Pot Stand Box Raised Garden Bed

Gardening doesn’t only make your home beautiful but likewise provides you with an outlet to relieve yourself of worries and anxieties. We love this window box flower shelf, we can use the bottom tier to organize and store our books and CDs, and leave the top space for some easy grow plants or herbs, which can add the latest additions for home ornament and serve as an eco-friendly air cleaner.
2 -Tier -Wooden -Plant -Stand -Indoor -Window -Display -Shelf -Plant- Pot -Stand -Box -Raised- Garden -Bed

26. Modern Minimalist Geometric Plant Stand Desktop Flower Pot Holder Geometric Plant Stand

Nowadays, people love putting plants inside the house. Especially in the winter. The houseplants can add a refreshing aroma to the house and make you feel better. The houseplants are so easy to do when you just get them at home. You could use any of the houseplants in order to add that house plantation to your home.
Unique geometric shape, small and exquisite, you can also hang it up and fill it with green plants, it is also very eye-catching.
Modern -Minimalist -Geometric- Plant -Stand -Desktop- Flower -Pot- Holder -Geometric -Plant -Stand

27. DIY Floating Hanging Shelf Suspended Planter Indoor Plant Hanger Flower Pot Holder

You can’t even imagine how easy is to make this fun DIY floating hanging shelf.  This simple project looks amazing!
All you need is a few simple tools, round wooden boards, ropes, and hooks, and follow the instruction step by step. What a beautiful floating garden you have! Perfect for decorating your bathroom, living room, bedroom and office. Choose your favorite plants and flowers, you will get your own little urban jungle indoor. Amazing project!
DIY -Floating -Hanging -Shelf -Suspended -Plnater- Indoor -Plant -Hanger -Flower- Pot -Holder

28. 3 Tier White Color Ladder Shelf Display Plant Stand Storage Shelves Indoor Ladder Shelf

This 3 tier ladder shelf can help you save lots of space for home organization, and also add some gorgeous for home decor. It adds a charming vide and gorgeous for home decor no matter what your home decor style is, sweet farmhouse, bohemian style or trending modern style.
It is also one of the best gifts for your families and friends who love gardening. All small size and mid-sided flower pot can fit well. Looks amazing anywhere of your home.

29. 4 Tier Solid Wood Display Plant Stand Indoor Flower Pot Holder

 If possible, choose a solid wood flower stand, which can immediately upgrade your home decoration. The price of solid wood is relatively expensive, but the flower stand is beautifully curved and durable. Multi-layer design provides more storage space, you can also use it to place your favorite photo albums, books, crafts, etc.
4 -Tier -Solid -Wood -Display -Plant -Stand -Indoor -Flower -Pot -Holder

30. Rustic Style Wooden Flower Shelf Farmhouse Decor Display Shelf Staircase Flower Pot Organizer Shelf

 This rustic-style flower stand comes with 5 stairs, where you can put some green plants and flower pots, or display your cherry photo frame, craft, which adds a lot of fun to your home. The unique shape and chic design, no matter fix it in anywhere it can easily relieve yourself of worries and anxieties. It is also a surprise gift for your friends who are a garden lover.
Rustic- Style -Wooden- Flower -Shelf -Farmhouse -Decor -Display -Shelf -Staircase -Flower -Pot -Organize -Shelf