Have you ever felt that sometimes you’ve tried so hard to tidy up your home that your cupboards and storage boxes are full, yet there are still small household items that are homeless, locked away in boxes that are inconvenient to use, or out in the open that look cluttered? Perhaps all you need now are some little storage helpers, hooks that can easily solve these worries. Today we’ll show you some interesting hooks that can help.

Before choosing some suitable hooks, check what you need to hang up, whether it is heavy or light. Some hooks can be used by hanging directly behind the door, some are vacuum suction cups which are only suitable for smooth walls, some are glued to the wall or the side of the furniture and some must be perforated to be used. Generally speaking, if all you have to hang up are small objects, like headphones, keys, towels, storage and other lightweight items, simple and small hooks will do, no need to punch holes into the wall. For heavy items, holes must be punched to make them more secure.

The main reason for using stainless steel and plastic hooks in kitchens and bathrooms is that they are oil and water-resistant. For living rooms, bedrooms, studies, entrance halls and so on, some wooden hooks create a warmer atmosphere. Take a look below to see if there is a style that suits you.

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1. Round solid wood hooks wood wall hooks wooden wall hooks

This solid wood hook never picks a place, it takes up very little space on the wall and can be installed in any corner where it is needed. The surface is smooth and fine, with a rounded polish and a sloping angle that makes it less likely that items will slip off. Another significant advantage is that it is small but has a high load-bearing capacity.

Round -solid -wood -hooks -wood -wall -hooks -wooden -wall -hooks

2. Tree branch wall hooks for coat unique wall hooks for decoration

You can’t take your eyes off the door. Plant a tree on the wall! With its own multiple branches, it can meet your different storage needs. And even if you don’t put anything on it, it’s a creative way to match a monotonous wall with this one.

Tree- branch -wall -hooks -for -coat- unique -wall -hooks- for -decoration

3. Wooden hooks decorative wall hooks wall hook for kids animal shaped wall hooks

If you’re still worried about your children’s cluttered belongings, this is the unbeatable choice. Made of natural solid wood, it is environmentally friendly. And the jellyfish, whale, parrot and various other small animal shapes are all very popular characters for children. You can fix them above your child’s desk or use them to hang some of your child’s doodles.

Wooden -hooks -decorative -wall -hooks -wall -hook- for -kids -animal -shaped -wall -hooks

4. Moon and Star wall hooks Children wall hooks wall hook decorative

Another great hook to match your child’s room. These lovely stars and moons wink at the wall. You can also use them to accent match other furniture. You can even DIY add some of your child’s handiwork. It’s beautiful any way you look at it.

Moon -and -Star -wall- hooks -Children -wall -hooks- wall -hook -decorative

5. Round button wall hooks coat wall rack wall hanger hooks

The round wall hanging is perfect for the baby’s room. The colourful self-cartoon fun, the large and small accents, and the rounded shape without any edges, that won’t be scratched even if a newly walking baby goes to touch it. It’s perfect for hanging wonderful photos of your baby.

Round- button -wall -hooks -coat -wall- rack -wall -hanger -hooks

6.Kids wall hooks cute wall hooks modern wall hooks

This hook is even cuter, with the cartoon animal growing two cute little ears and a round head, like a piece of art growing on the wall. The natural wood colour would be perfect in that room.

kids -wall -hooks -cute -wall -hooks -modern -wall -hooks

7. Wall-mounted coat hooks wall mounted coat rack hidden wall hooks invisible wall hooks

Ever wanted to try invisible hooks? These sleekly sanded hooks are perfectly combined with the original wood. You can choose as many hooks as you like and unfold them only when you need them.

Wall- mounted -coat -hooks -wall -mounted -coat -rack -hidden -wall -hooks -invisible -wall -hooks

8. Sticking hooks removable wall hooks cleaning tools wall hooks clutter free wall hooks Broom and Mop Grippers

Every home can’t do without these cleaning tools. I also hate the fact that they are cluttered on the floor and take up a lot of floor space. Especially in some small bathrooms. With this helper to the rescue, each item is securely fastened to the wall and can be accessed as you go, so you can’t go wrong with this one if you want to store mops and brushes.

Sticking -hooks -removable -wall -hooks -cleaning -tools -wall -hooks- clutter -free -wall -hooks -Broom -and -Mop -Grippers

9. Sticky wall hooks key hooks for wall umbrella hooks

Another hook for children’s rooms. The mushroom shape is very cute. The plastic material is waterproof. Can be used on the back of wall furniture. Let’s get our hands dirty and create a clean home for the babies.

Sticky -wall -hooks -key -hooks -for -wall -umbrella -hooks

10.Vertical wall hooks rack brass wall hooks coat wall rack cap wall hooks

Verticalized wall-mounted storage makes better use of wall space. The combination of raw wood and brass creates a luxurious furniture style. Make your room stand out.

10.Vertical wall hooks rack brass wall hooks coat wall rack cap wall hooks

11. Kids favorite hooks cute kids hooks wall hook rack

The worst thing about a child’s room is that it is too monotonous and uninspiring. Bring home these cute cartoon hooks and let your child mix and match their own little world with their own hands and see what surprises they come up with.

Kids -favorite hooks- cute -kids -hooks -wall- hook -rack

12. Golden wall hooks rack metal wall hooks for hanging wall hooks metal

If you’re tired of the plain style, try this golden leaf style. With its golden accents, it will give your home the look of a classic palace. And these hooks are so strong that they can carry a lot of heavy items at once.

Golden -wall -hooks -rack -metal -wall -hooks -for -hanging -wall -hooks -metal

13. Bathroom wall hooks metal wall hooks hanging hooks kitchen wall hooks Stainless steel hooks

The combination of stainless steel and bamboo wood allows you to say goodbye to monotonous colours in your bathroom. The stainless steel will not rust in the presence of water and the bamboo is waterproof. The hooks are compact and don’t take up much space, so they are very versatile in the kitchen and bathroom.

Bathroom -wall -hooks- metal -wall -hooks -hanging -hooks -kitchen -wall -hooks -Stainless -steel -hooks

14.Cheap wall hooks daily accessory hooks desk hooks Parachute hooks

How can you go wrong with these cute parachute-shaped hooks? Cheap and suitable. Several colours to choose from. The best part is that all those bits and pieces can finally be stored neatly and at a glance.

Cheap -wall -hooks- daily -accessory -hooks -desk -hooks -Parachute -hooks

15. Button wall hooks for wall coat wall hooks decorative wall hooks wall coat hanger

Do you think buttons can only be used to sew clothes? We can also use buttons to hang clothes. The rounded design feels great in the hand and doesn’t look out of place anywhere.

15.Button wall hooks for wall coat wall hooks decorative wall hooks wall coat hanger

16. Wall hanging hooks metal wall hooks hanging hooks

Sometimes the desk is too small and it’s time to borrow some wall space to store small objects. It’s easy to reach for when you need it, and the arrangement can be arranged in any way you like. For those small items that are used frequently, this is a great idea to match the desk.

Wall -hanging -hooks -metal -wall -ho

17. Wooden triangle wall  hooks wall hanging hooks picture hangers

I like to use these little triangular hooks in the entryway so that my key fob, wallet, clothes and so on can be hung up when I enter and the house is not cluttered.

Wooden- triangle- wall -hooks -wall -hanging -hooks -picture -hangers

18. Vintage wall hooks unique wall hooks for decoration walnut wall hooks

Does anyone use a hook like this? It’s like a cloud floating on the wall. The graceful curved shape is beautiful on the wall itself, and it’s not just a good look. Even the heavier bags don’t matter. You can also hang DIY flower pots if you like.

Vintage -wall -hooks -unique -wall -hooks -for -decoration -walnut wall -hooks

19.Tree-shaped wall hooks for coats wall mounted hooks and rack multi-functional wall hook

Made from whole trees, naturally unpainted and free of formaldehyde, it is relatively easy to install, has a high weighing capacity and stores a lot of things. The unique shape adds some nature to your home and is also very adaptable, storing many items at once.

Tree- shaped -wall -hooks -for -coats -wall -mounted -hooks -and -rack -multi -functional -wall -hooks

20. Cute hooks for kids room decoration

This one is a child’s favourite. The cute animal and fruit shapes themselves add some fun to your child’s room. You can let your child choose their own place to store their belongings, so they will also have a sense of accomplishment!

Cute- hooks- for -kids- room -decoration

21. Solid wooden hooks modern hooks for wall hook rack

This all solid wood hook has a friendly feel of nature to the touch. The surface and edges are polished to a smooth finish and the shape is simply beautiful. Don’t miss out if you like solid wood furniture.

Solid -wooden hooks -modern -hook

22. Adhesive wall hook adhesive hole-free hooks

If you find it too much trouble to drill holes into the wall when installing, there are perfectly suitable models that stick to the wall. They can be removed without harming the wall and can be moved to the position you want. The only downside is that these hooks are only suitable for smooth walls.

Adhesive wall hooks wall hooks adhnsive hole free wall hooks

23. Industrial wall hook black wall hook rack metal hooks

Black has a strong colour impact in itself, those lovers of creating an industrial style décor, try this hook, simple and practical, it won’t let you down.

Industrial -wall hooks- black wall -hooks- metal -wall -hooks

24. Rustic wall Mounted hooks love wall decor rack with hooks vintage wall hook

For those who like rustic style, look here. This arrangement is perfect for the entryway. Guests will feel the warmth of home as soon as they enter. The hooks underneath allow you to hang your favourite dolls, flower baskets, creative small objects, many things that can be perfectly handled.

Rustic- wall -hooks- love -wall -decor -rack -with -hooks -vintage -wall -hook

25. Mini wall hook umbrella wall hooks for keys wall hanger key holder key rack

A mini umbrella can also be used as a hook to store items. The shape is cartoonish and quirky. Try it out!

Mini wall hooks umbrella wall hook for keys wall hanger key holder key rack

26. Heavy-duty brass wall hooks rack for pictures black wall hook

The metal material just looks upscale. It is durable and strong. When you’re used to wood, you can occasionally try a different style.

brass wall hooks wall hooks for pictures black wall hooks

These are some of the more popular hook styles currently on the market, I don’t know if there is anything you like. Follow us and we will share a lot of cheap and useful furniture items in the future, hope you will like them.