In the previous article, we talk about some garden ornaments and garden gnomes to decorate our garden and yard. Well, sometimes we have too many plants and flower pot on the ground which makes our garden looks mess and clutter. Although we like to spend our free time in the garden, breathe some fresh air, enjoy the natural beauty around us. Taking care of too many green plants and flowers is not very easy for most of us especially for those who are busy with their job every day.

Outdoor yard plant stand is an ideal way to brighten the appearance of our garden, and turn an ordinal garden into an exciting and vibrant spot. Decorating our outdoor garden and yard is as important as decorating home interior. In this article, we have 21 popular yard plant stand decor ideas to share with you.

Many different outdoor flower shelves come in different sizes and styles. Different plant stands suit for different type of plants and flowers. Some flower shelf is perfect of small flower pot such as succulents, and some suit for tall plants like sunflowers which offer more space for plants to grow. Here is a list of outdoor garden plants along with different types, shapes, and sizes of plant stands.

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1. Outdoor Anti-corrosive Wooden Flower Box Yard Patio Wooden Fence Climbing Plants Flower Shelf Vertical Garden Plant Bed Plant Divider

This outdoor plant shelf material is carbonized wood which is different from normal wood material, it is anti-corrosion and mothproof and not easy to be rot and spoil in terrible weather. 3 horizontal bars at the bottom of the plant stand are reinforced, which makes it more stable. You can use it as a green plant wall divider, as you can hang as many plant pots as you like in these multi-grid. If not hanging plants pot, the tall shelf can be used as a ladder for those climbing plants too.

Outdoor-Anti-corrosive -Wooden- Flower -Box- Yard- Patio- Wooden -Fence -Climbing -Plants -Flower -Shelf -Vertical -Garden- Plant -Bed -Plant -Divider

2. DIY Vertical Grid Garden Planter Shelf Grid Climbing Plants Ladder DIY Plant Stand For Garden Yard

Want to grow some fruits and plants in your garden while lacking space? Do not worry, You can DIY a vertical grid garden with some recycled material. Pick some branches, and fix the connection with cope or wire, A simple vertical flower shelf is done. It will not only save valuable horizontal garden space but also create interesting garden spots around your yard.

DIY -Vertical -Grid -Garden -Planter -Shelf -Grid -Climbing -Plants- Ladder -DIY -Plant -Stand -For -Garden- Yard

3. European Style Wrought Iron Flower Stand Semi-circle Floating Flower Shelf

It was made of wrought iron material and not easy to get rusty. Either fix it on the bathroom wall to organize some small shampoo bottles or hanging flowers and plants in the garden, both are not a bad idea. Free of floor space and add some decor for the plaid wall.
European -Style -Wrought -Iron -Flower- Stand -Semi-circle -Floating- Flower -Shelf

4. Double Decker Wooden Pallet 2 Tier Vintage Plant Stand Home Organize and Storage Shelf

The double decker flower shelf not only can be used in the garden and balcony as a display stand, organize your potted succulents, herbs and flower pots, it can also be used as a indoor storage shelf, help you save more floor space and collect all of your daily accessories. We love the stacking design, it keeps shelves and items organized perfectly.

Double- Decker -Wooden- Pallet -2 -Tier -Vintage -Plant -Stand -Home- Organize- and -Storage -Shelf

5. European-style Wrought Iron Plant Stand Rretro Folding Corner Flower Shelf

One of the most advantages of this wrought iron plant stand is that weather you place it indoor or outdoor, it is not so easy to be spoil in terrible weather. The beautiful curve and four-layer design greatly improve space utilization. Besides it is lightweight and easy to fold, just find a corner to place when not in use. Help you to save more space for other items.
European-style -Wrought -Iron -Plant- Stand -Rretro- Folding -Corner -Flower -Shelf

6. Arch Design Multi-layer Plant Stand Balcony Yard Large Plant Stand

Arch design multi-layer plant stand is widely used as wedding decor. It is a well-known and popular choice for people who are seeking beautiful, decorative flower stands. In case of an overhanging plant stand is difficult to manage, You can easily arrange your flower stands with the assistance of an arch flower stand. It is also a good addition of home decoration ideas for people who wish to display a very festive mood.

Arch plant stand provides pleasant and comfortable outdoor living spaces. It can provide a space to relax and unwind while you work. Exquisite handwork, the arch design flower shelf comes with a solid back panel design to prevent your flowerpot from falling. At the same time, the flower frame is large enough to create more space for climbing plants to grow. It helps you to keep your garden place nice and neat.

Arch-Design -Multi-layer -Flower -Stand -Balcony- Yard -Large- Flower -Stand

7. Preservative Wood 2 Tier Plant Bed  Grid Partition Flower Fences Wooden Fence Balcony Yard Patio Floor Standing Plant Frame

The two-layer flower stand can meet your multiple flowerpot storage needs. Moreover, the grid design provides great convenience for hanging flower pots. You can use hooks to hang Green Splenden, Creating a green flower wall to add interest for your home.

If you have some climbing plants, you can grow it on the bottom layer, and there is no need to buy extra flower stands as multigrid provide an unlimited possibility. Whether it is placed on the balcony or in the garden, it is absolutely a beautiful landscape for us.

Preservative -Wood -2 -Tier -Plant -Bed - Grid -Partition -Flower -Fences -Wooden- Fence -Balcony -Yard -Patio -Floor -Standing- Plant -Frame

8. Old Fashioned Farmhouse DIY Wood Flower Bench Flower Pot Station DIY Flower Shelf Garden Bench

I believe you have some recycle panel or old fashioned furniture in your warehouse corner, go and get some old wooden boards when you got time. Just simply remodel them, the recyclable wood can turn into an old fashion flower stand as you like. If we make good use of recycling waste items can help us save money and keep all daily accessory all in right place. Why not have a try today?
Old -Fashioned -Farmhouse -DIY -Wood- Flower -Bench- Flower -Pot -Station -DIY -Flower -Shelf -Garden -Bench

9. Preservative Wood Raise Leg Planer Bed Raised Garden Bed Flower Box for Yard Balcony Garden

If you live in a small apartment that had limited space for gardening, while you want to have your own garden to grow vegetables and fruits, maybe you can try this raised flower bed. As this type of garden bed which raise above the ground not only produce better vegetable but all of the family members would like to work in them. It is quite easy to reach and easy to water the plants without bending over, perfect for those who have difficulty in bending.
Preservative -Wood- Raise -Leg -Planer -Bed -Raised -Garden -Bed -Flower -Box -for -Yard -Balcony -Garden

10. Old Fashioned Grey Color wrought iron flower stand Sundries Storage Rack

The biggest advantage of this wrought iron flower stand is that weather your place it indoor or outdoor, no matter it is raining or windy, this flower stand is not easy to break or spoil. Sometimes you can also use it to organize your daily necessities.

Old -Fashioned -Grey -Color -wrought- iron -flower- stand -Sundries -Storage- Rack

11. Mediterranean Style Garden Flower Shelf Vertical Wall Planter

 Do you want a Mediterranean style garden? This flower stand cleverly borrows the wall space, hanging several flowerpots, imaging when all bloom green vines fall, it looks like a beautiful waterfall on the wall, what a refreshing landscape it is!
Mediterranean -Style- Garden -Flower -Shelf -Vertical -Wall -Planter

12. Solid Wood Tall Plant Stand Climbing Plants Flower Shelf Wedding Arch Tall Arch Pergola With Wooden Fence

A beautiful courtyard also needs a beautiful door to embellish it. Passing through this door is like walking into a mysterious garden. Let your guests walk into the garden to discover more secrets. Perfect for a wedding celebration, birthday party, shop decoration, and so on.
Solid -Wood -Tall -Plant -Stand -Climbing -Plants- Flower -Shelf -Wedding -Arch- Tall -Arch -Pergola -With -Wooden -Fence

13. Wooden Plant Stand with Trellis Outdoor Multi Functional Flower Stand Tall Flower Stand

This flower stand perfectly solves the storage problem of flower stands with different heights. There are multiple horizontal rails on the top to hang plants such as Chlorophytum green dill. The grid design in the middle can hang flower pots of various sizes, and the bottom flower box offers enough space for those tall plants such as sunflowers.
And it is widely used on many occasion, wedding, party, or ceremony, cute and lovely design can make your place more romantic and charming.

Wooden -Plant -Stand- with -Trellis -Outdoor -Multi -Functional -Flower -Stand -Tall- Flower -Stand

14. DIY Vintage and Rustic Ladder Plant Stand Ladder Garden Display Yard Plant Stand

Do you have any old or even broken timer ladders around the house? Do not throw it away. You can bring it back to life and DIY it as a ladder plant stand. Before processing please treat it with some preservatives in case the timer gets to rot in the future.
Multi staircase design can be used to organize all of your flower pots, besides the side panel provide support for your climbing plants and flowers, add some charming rustic and vintage color for your yard space.
DIY-Vintage- -and -Rustic -Ladder -Plant -Stand- Ladder -Garden- Display- Yard -Plant- Stand-esshelf

15. Small Raised Garden Bed Wheel Shaped Flower Pot Organizer Wheel Plant Stand

The wheel shape design adds a bright spot to this raised garden bed. This flower stand can be placed indoors and outdoors without any pressure. Even if your desk is big enough, it is also perfect to decorate your desk and light the study room without dirty your desktop. It can also add some natural colors to the interior.

Small -Raised -Garden -Bed -Wheel -Shaped -Flower -Pot -Organizer -Wheel -Plant -Stand

16. Metal Eiffel Tower Display Flower Shelf Hanging Plant Shelf Eiffel Tower Plant Stand Decorative Shelf

This flower stand has a unique shape, the classic Eiffel Tower design, and the impact of bright red color to make your courtyard more charming. Four feet firmly grasp the ground, and all small and mid-sized flower pots can be hung on 4 sides. Besides it help you save more floor space, especially for those who have very limited space for gardening.

Metal -Eiffel -Tower -Display -Flower -Shelf -Hanging- Plant -Shelf -Eiffel -Tower- Plant -Stand- Decorative -Shelf

17. Wrought Iron Arch Garden Bench Garden Pergola With Bench For Yard Patio Flower Pot Metal Bench

With scattered flowers on all sides, you can try some climbing plant in spring, Couple of weeks later you will have an amazing bloom green wall. Another function is that you can hang some vines such as Chlorophytum on the top. The long vines are floating in the wind. Isn’t it a beautiful picture?
Even when it’s not in use, you can also put a layer of cushions on the bench, sit under the flower stand, drink a cup of coffee, read your favorite book to kill the time. Not a bad idea right?
Wrought -Iron -Arch- Garden -Bench - Garden -Pergola -With -Bench -For -Yard -Patio -Flower- Pot -Metal- Bench

18. Metal Cage Plant Stand Metal Trellis For Climbing Plants Vertical Garden Caged Shape Plant Support

This flower stand is undoubtedly the perfect partner for climbing plants. The perfect cage shape with aesthetic design provides consistent support for your climbing plants and flowers. Easy to fix in the soil, perfect for your patio, garden, yard decor, and so on.

Metal- Cage -Plant -Stand -Metal -Trellis -For -Climbing -Plants -Vertical -Garden -Caged -Shape -Plant -Support

19. Solid Wood Wheelbarrows Shaped Plant Stand Ladder Flower Pot Organizer Wagon Plant Display

One of the best ways to beautify a backyard is with colorful flowers and interesting plants. The wagon design flower shelf makes your outdoor space more pretty and attractive.
This wheelbarrow flower stand is made of carbonized wood, and the surface has been treated, which effectively prevents the wood from being corroded and it is durable. The two-level step design makes your flower pots staggered and makes more use of space. Whether you put it in the garden or the terrace, I believe it will attract a lot of envy.
Solid -Wood -Wheelbarrows -Shaped -Plant -Stand- Ladder -Flower -Pot -Organizer -Wagon -Plant -Display

20. Air Conditioning Flower Stand  Wood Outdoor Air Conditioning Shelf Air Conditioning Plant Frame

The exposed exterior of the air conditioner does not look beautiful and sometimes it will bring hazards if kids touch it. While this air-conditional plant frame is perfect to protect the outdoor unit of the air conditioner from damage and at the same time, it will beautify the space visually.
You can also use it as a work station, storage rack, cover shelf etc. We expect you to unlock more functions.
Air -Conditioning -Flower -Stand -Wood -Outdoor- Air -Conditioning -Shelf -Air -Conditioning -Plant Frame

21. Wooden Ornamental Windmill With Flower Pots For Lawn Backyard Garden Decoration Classic Windmill Plant Stand

Want a new look to your backyard, or garden? Then a decorative garden windmill may be exactly what you are looking for! They come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors, and they are a great addition for your lawn and backyard. This wooden windmill not only adds great value to your home decor, besides it looks really good when comes with several different flower pots to decorate.
It is also widely used in birthday parties, weddings, shop display, and so on. I believe your guest will make sound praise”wow” when they first saw it.
Wooden -Ornamental -Windmill -With -Flower -Pots -For -Lawn -Backyard -Garden -Decoration -Classic- Windmill -Plant -Stand.-esshelf