Garden or balcony is a space where you spend a lot of time to relax after work. We need more living plants in our garden to improve the decor and air quality.
How to organize these plants and flowers into a beautiful rest space? Have you ever thought about creating a retro garden?
Here we have some tips on how to decorate your garden with some vintage plant stand, hope you can get some inspiration.

 Retro Iron Flower Basket Wall Hanging Flower Basket

Retro iron flower shelf is one form of wall painting, which will enhance the atmosphere of the room. The exquisite design make your place show an elegant sense of harmony, which only the natural plants can provide.
The metal flower baskets are hung on your wall perfectly. After fixing the flower bracket firmly to the wall, the rest thing you have to do is to put your favorit plants in the hanging basket and enjoy the heavenly fragrance of blooming flowers.
Retro-iron-flower-basket-Wall-hanging-flower-basket -Wall-hanging-decor-esshelf

 European Retro Style Ladder Pot Holder Metal Plant ladder Shop Display Rack

A trending beautiful design flower rack, perfect for fashion shop decoration, flower pot organization, small planter storage, garden ornament. Romantic style, light green metal frame in light rust design, suit for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

 European Retro Style Ladder Pot Holder Metal Plant ladder Shop Display Rack

The retro wrought iron material bring some old fashioned feeling, small flower pots, blue bird and little ceramic decorations, It looks like a beautiful landscape, ideal for window decoration. Besides it comes with multi tier ladder design, all of your plant stand and small accessories are easily organized.

 Trending Farmhouse wrought iron bird and leaf decoration flower Shelf Hanging Plant Shelf

I guess you love your potted plants and use them to decorate your front porch and backyard patio.The metal hanging plant shelf can help you solve the problem of the potted plants that usually get placed in your yard or next to entryway areas. It comes with study and fashionable design, exquisite style, also being pleasant to look at and hanging plants shelf making your yard easier to clean up.

Trending-Farmhouse-wrought-iron-bird-and-leaf -decoration-flower-Shelf-Hanging-Plant-Shelf-esshelf

Vertical Metal bucket plant holder Outdoors Vine Plant Stand Room Divider Vertical Garden Pot Holder

Hanging plant stand adds a decorative touch, and creates a sturdy support for your potted plant.
Nostalgic and retro style, place different level of flower pot, also make a vertical garden in your room, all of your previouse flowers, plant are well displayed. Vertical design bring more space for those vine herbs to grow.

Pink Color Wrought Iron Plant Stand High Leg flower rack

This set includes a wall mounted flower shelf , which you can adjust to suitable height as you like, as well as a 3 high leg supported flower racks which was design to prevent being accidentally knocked over by kids or pets. It does not pick the place, both indoor and outdoor are suitable.


Vintage Stylish multi-level ladder Flowerpot Display Shelf Wood Garden Shelves

All variety of small painters, decorations etc can be easily organized in this 4 layer ladder flower shelf. It can be used as a daily accessories indoor storage shelf, besides if you like it can create a vertigal plant garden in a second. Easy to move around and save a lot of floor space, perfect for small apartment plants display.

Vintage-Stylish -multi-level -ladder -Flowerpot -Display-Shelf -Wood -Garden -Shelves

 Vertical Vintage Plant Stand Solid wood barrel flower rack

Who can refuse to put this unique barrel shaped flower racks at home? The interior decoration is filled with beloved fragrance flowers instead of wine.
You can easily carry this bucket of “wine” to any corner of your house at any time, Imaging all of your room is full of flower fragrance,Is it a amazing picture, right?
Vertical-Vintage -Plant -Stand -Solid -wood -barrel- flower -rack-esshelf

 American Farmhouse Iron Bird leaf decoration flower rack Balcony Yard Iron Pot Holder

When I saw this hollowed curving garden flower shelf, little bird and spotted leave decoration,I was attracted at once.
Exquisite workmanship matched with favorite green plants, I think it might be one of top ideas to bring spring to our garden.

 Shovel Wall Hanging Flower Rack Standing Flower Shelf

Have you ever thought that the old broom, iron bucket and shovel can also be made into flower rack? Yes, We can use waist recycling to DIY flower shelf. Since there are unlimited combinations and ideas, once you use proper material and correct assambling, sometimes this will be a unique landscape for your gardens.


 2 Layer Metal Bucket Flower Planter Display Shelf Vine Pots and Planters Staircase Flower Shelf

This kind of metal bucket flower rack comes with two big iron barrels, which provide enough capacity for large plant to grow.
Staircase design, make full use of space, and easy to move around, suitable for balcony, yard, entrance, even shop window display.

 British Style Flower Rack Windmill Display Shelf

It comes with classic windmill design, whether filled with artificial flowers or small green bonsai, whether it is placed at the window shop or in the office, this is absolutely eye-catching.
 British-Style-Flower-Rack Windmill-Display-Shelf-esshelf

Iron kettle flower rack pretty Antique Teacup Plant Shelf Garden Yard Vintage Decoration Rack Coffe Pot Planters with ladder Display Rack

Blue, red, green and grey color coffee pot come together to be a unique ladder plant shelf, is this cute? Let’s get several green plants put them in any corner of the garden and enjoy their beauty quietly, butterfly and bee are coming soon.

Iron-kettle-flower-rack-pretty-Antique-Teacup Plant-Shelf-Garden-Yard-Vintage-Decoration-Rack-Coffe-Pot-Planters-with-ladder-Display-Rack

 2 Layers Vertical Garden Elevated Planters with Container Boxes Raised Garden Bed

We all know that city space is narrow and limited, Sometimes we miss the days when there are green trees everywhere in the countryside. Why not try this vertical balcony garden bed? Put it on the balcony, plant several green plants you like, and breathe the fresh air every moment. It seems that we were back in grandma’s house, everywhere is natural fresh smelling.

 Floor Standing Trolley Flower Rack Metal Trolley Window Shelf Raise Plant Stand

Green vines float with the wind, making your home in full romantic atmosphere. Raised plant stand is perfect for shop window display,your customer might stop and glance one more time.


 Garden Retro Green Log Divider Garden Balcony Flower Rack

The retro green wooden flower rack can effectively divide and beautify your living space. There is a green flowerpot at the bottom, which is suitable for planting some vines. For horticulturists, once you take good care of them, you will have a green flower wall in a few days.


 Antique Iron Hanging Flower Pot Hexagon Hanging Planters Vertical Planting

Wall decoration work has been very time-consuming, the simplest decoration is hanging some simple green plants.
These hanging plants not only bring color to the monotonous wall, but also let your wall begin to breathe.
 Antique-Iron Hanging-Flower-Pot -Hexagon -Hanging-Planters-Vertical-Planting

Rural Retro Wall Decoration Flower Pots and Planters Little Fake Windows Display Rack

These exquisite small fake windows, especially suitable for children’s rooms. Weather you put some small flowerpots, or display some tiny objects, all perfect match. It looks like yours kids are living in the fairy tale world, those small characters all stay with them.

Rural-retro-wall-decoration-flower-pots-and-planters-Little-Fake- windows-Display-Rack-esshelf

 Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase Display Stand Shelf Decorative Flower Pot Holders

Unique and exquisite design make this staircase shelf super eye-catching. One set come with 9 wood steps, each step you can put some little doll ornaments, small flower pots, photo etc. Desktop is easy to tidy up and well organized. Bring it home and there have more decor  ideas waiting for you to discover.